• The accused gave the deceased juice laced with sleeping pills
  • When he fell asleep, the accused electrocuted him 
  • The accused was arrested Wednesday 

A man in India was electrocuted to death in his sleep by his father who was having an affair with his wife.

The accused, identified as Mukesh Kumar, gave the deceased, Heera Lal, juice laced with sleeping pills. Kumar, along with his daughter-in-law, Parle, then electrocuted Lal to death in his sleep. The incident took place in the western Indian state of Rajasthan on April 25. Lal’s last rites were held the following morning, local daily the Times of India reported.

On May 6, Lal’s elder brother filed a police complaint saying the victim was buried the following day. He also told the officers that one of his cousins had taken photos of the body and upon closer look, they noticed burn injuries on the corpse. They then got suspicious and decided to file a complaint.

Officers exhumed the body and upon finding circumstantial evidence, they suspected Parle of killing her husband. As part of the investigation, they detained Parle for questioning. During interrogation, she confessed to the crime, Zee News reported.

Parle told the officers that her husband was an alcoholic and often picked up fights with her due to which she got into an illicit relationship with her father-in-law. She confessed to killing her husband with the help of her father-in-law.

Following the confession, Parle and Kumar were taken into custody Wednesday. They were set to appear in court Thursday where they will be charged.

Last week, an elderly woman in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh was arrested after she drugged and electrocuted her husband after suspecting him of having an affair. Mamta Pathak, 63, had frequent arguments with her husband Neeraj Pathak. On May 1, Mamta approached police saying that she found her husband unconscious at their home and his pulse was missing. Police got suspicious of her statement and detained her for questioning, during which, she confessed to giving her husband food laced with sleeping pills and electrocuting him to death once he fell asleep. Following the confession, she was arrested and charged.

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