Thanks to A&E’s hit television show “Hoarders,” more people are familiar with the obsessive compulsive disorder where people with the condition cling onto items like clothes, magazines and other types of material possessions, but one man has taken his hoarding to a whole other level when police found 200 to 300 gallons of human urine in his Newtown, Conn., home on Friday.

Local health officials got a concerned call about suspicious activity and asked the state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, or DEEP, agency to investigate the house, which was unattended when authorities arrived at the desolate-looking house.

DEEP investigators found “200 to 300 one-gallon plastic jugs” filled with urine, which they believe is the home owner’s, according to agency spokesman Dennis Schain.

The unidentified man, who spoke with Schain and other officials, could face criminal charges.

"From our conversation, it seemed that he was responsible for putting the containers there," Schain said. "It's most unusual. Our crews have been out over the years, and they are having a hard time recalling something like this."

Schain added that the single-family home was “in a state of disrepair.”

The home has been boarded up, condemned and deemed a health hazard by DEEP.

“The presence of the containers there certainly raises the level of a health risk,” Schain said. “That is why it has to be handled properly and taken off site for disposal.”

According to WTNH, the man did not break any law but will most likely have to pay the costs of having the gallons of urine hauled away and put into a sewage pipe if it indeed is his fault.

Watch the local news story below: