In a case of animal cruelty, a man killed his neighbor’s dog in front of a group of children. The incident took place in Tangerang, Indonesia, on Monday and the man was arrested the same day.

Police said the 43-year-old unidentified man shot the dog with an air rifle several times in front of children playing in the neighborhood. The canine died on the spot. Since the dog’s owner was not at home when the incident took place, the owner’s sister-in-law confronted the accused post the shooting. However, the man pointed the rifle at her and she felt threatened.

The dog’s owner returned and filed a police complaint. Following this, police took the accused into custody the same evening. During interrogation, the man said he shot the canine because it barked at his wife and child which resulted in them falling off a bike.

“His wife and child fell off the bike because they thought that the dog was going to chase after them,” police said. However, the dog's owner said the canine couldn’t have chased after the man's wife and child as it was tied to a tree.

Meanwhile, the dog owner’s sister-in-law took to Instagram to report the incident. She said the man shot the dog “in front of the children who were playing there.” She added the children were “shocked, traumatized and crying.” Though she confronted the man, he refused to apologize for what he had done. She added that “this kind of behavior is unsettling for residents who live there.” The investigation was ongoing and police were looking at questioning the witnesses. There was, however, no information about the charges levied on the man.

In this image, a dog's paw reaches through the kennel fence at the Queen Anne's County Department of Animal Service in Queenstown, Maryland, Jan. 24, 2008. Getty Images/Jim Watson