A search was underway for a man who killed his wife for failing to make dinner for him. The incident took place in Kisumu, Kenya, on Tuesday.

The unidentified man left home Monday morning and returned Tuesday night. The furious victim started shouting at her husband for not coming home the previous night. The victim then informed him that she had not cooked dinner for him. In a fit of rage, the man strangled her to death and fled the scene.

When the victim’s daughter returned home the following morning, she found the woman lying motionless on the bed and immediately alerted the police. The responding officers declared her dead and noticed marks on her neck. Her body was sent for autopsy.

The victim’s daughter told police that the couple fought regularly and that she was present at home when the two argued the previous night but left before her mother was killed. She also said the man was her step-father. Police were investigating the incident and the accused was on the run as of Wednesday night.

The incident comes days after a man in Kenya’s West Pokot County fled after hacking his wife to death and assaulting another man. The accused, his wife and another man were returning home after dinner at a restaurant when the suspect attacked the two, suspecting them of having an affair. While the woman died on the spot, the other man fell unconscious. The accused then took his wife’s body and buried it in a banana plantation at their home before fleeing.

africa crime scene
Representational image of a crime scene in Uganda, East Africa. ISAAC KASAMANI/AFP/Getty Images