There's nothing better to reverse an otherwise lackluster day than trolling through awkwardly funny Craigslist ads looking for all sorts of unusual items and services. The latest? A Vermont man looking for a team of four or five people to hunt Bigfoot along with The Greatest Craigslist Car Ad Ever.

The Craigslist ad for barton NEK near Burlington reads as follows, with all errors intact.

looking for 4 or 5 people willing to go look for bigfoot if you have game camras [sic] or even nightvision video recoreder and would like to spend a few days in the woods looking for bigfoot I resent found a print in the mud while out fishing can text a pic to you for proff or even go to the location if you are intrested please call only 802 525 7060 or 802 323 4864 call anytime off day or night

It turns out that a writer for BuzzFeed tracked down and spoke to the ad creator, a 28-year-old part-time fisherman named Roland Withers. According to BuzzFeed, Withers was fishing for trout when he found photos of a strangely large footprint in the mud, pegging it as a Bigfoot footprint and prompting him to rally up a team. So far, only three people have responded to his ad to carry out the plan to search for Bigfoot.

We don't want to hurt him, Withers said. It would be cool to get beat up by Bigfoot.

The Bigfoot search ad was posted the same week another Craigslist ad in Seattle which has been dubbed The Greatest Craigslist Car Ad Ever by a car blog, Jalopnik.

The ad for a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am GT aka Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ looks like this (re-typing it verbatim would do it an injustice):

Jalopnik tracked down the creative team behind the ad, the seller Joe Strachila and the designer Kyle Miller, who reportedly have had tons of interest in the car as well as the ad.

I'm actually sifting through tons of voicemails, texts, and emails from people who are fans of the ad and trying to find the ones from people who actually want to buy the car, Strachila said.

I am pretty happy it's making so many people laugh, Miller told Jalopnik. I'm seeing it a lot on Facebook, and I'm proud of it. I thought it was funny, and I never really thought it would get this far.

And he's right: The two articles about The Greatest Craigslist Car Ad Ever on Jalopnik was viewed more than 200,000 times in total.

But are these the worst Craigslist ads of all time? Decide for yourself by viewing the slideshow to see photos of some of the weirdest advertisements found on Craigslist.