• A man has confessed to bludgeoning his 91-year-old mother to death 
  • He claims he wanted to shield her from his other crimes 
  • He is being held for murder without bond 

A man has allegedly killed his 91-year-old mother to protect her from his other crimes.

News 7 Boston reports that 59-year-old Charles Trumble confessed his crimes to police over the phone after committing the brutal and deadly assault, according to legal documents. He made the call on Feb. 23 just after 7 p.m. and is being arraigned in Porter Superior Court.

Documents related to the case said that “Trumble stated that he was in the living room and his mother was in the same room” when the crime happened. “He further stated that he killed her because he is about to be exposed for committing awful crimes.”

There is no word on what the nature of his crimes were and why he felt the need to kill his mother in brutal fashion rather than having her find out about them. All Trumble said about them after surrendering to police without incident was, “I am about to be in trouble for some really bad stuff, and I killed her so she wouldn’t be exposed to it.”

After receiving the chilling call, responding officers found Trumble sitting next to his mother’s corpse with the phone in his hand, a blood-soaked towel under her head. If convicted, Trumble can, and likely will, spend the rest of his life in prison, and face even more charges, depending upon the nature of his crimes. He is being held without bond in what appears to be only the beginning of a very long, complicated and ugly story.

Police have not commented regarding whether or not Trumble is represented by council or what he plans to argue in his defense when the case goes before a judge. More is expected to be revealed as events unfold.

Representational image of a handcuff. Pixabay