• Snell's body parts were discovered from various parts of Chesterfield in July 2019 
  • Walsh denied murdering his uncle but admitted to cutting him up ​
  • The accused spent the money he stole in casino and massage parlours

A British jury has found a man guilty of murdereding his 71-year old uncle, dismembering the body and feeding parts of it to badgers.

Daniel Walsh killed his uncle, Graham Snell, on June 20 last year to steal his money, the Derby Crown Court heard. Snell's body parts were recovered from different locations in Chesterfield, including a badger sett, reported BBC News.

A day before his murder, Snell had approached the police to complain that his nephew, who was staying with him as a lodger, was stealing money from his bank account, according to the prosecution.

The prosecutor told the jurors that it was "a murder to get his hands on this old, retired man's money and just dispose of him as a piece of rubbish." The cause of Snell's death remains unknown due to the damage suffered to his corpse.

Walsh spent the money he stole at a casino, a massage parlor, and for drugs.

Walsh bought 10 rubble sacks and two large saws to dismember Snell. On June 24, Walsh loaded the bags into a taxi and travelled to Barbon Close where he shoved them down a badger sett, prosecutor Peter Joyce told the jurors.

He took another taxi three days later to dump parts of the victim's torso in communal bins. The remains were discovered a week later. During the trial, Walsh denied murdering his uncle. He said he found Snell in the bathroom with foam around his mouth and "white powder" on his nose and cheek, which he believed was cocaine.

He said he dragged the body downstairs into the kitchen to administer chest compressions. "I tried everything to try and bring him back to life. I was in a state of panic. I was just in an unexplainable and incomprehensible situation," said Walsh.

According to BBC News, Walsh, during the trial, said he did not call emergency services because he was afraid the police would find his drugs and accuse him of murder. "I was just distressed by the situation. I didn't know what to do. I was in a state of shock," he said.

He, however, admitted to buying handsaws and sacks and an incinerator.

The jurors unanimously found him guilty after deliberating for just over an hour. Walsh is due to be sentenced Monday.

Representational image Getty Images/ANTHONY WALLACE