While most people are dying to get their hands on a tablet computer for the holidays, one San Francisco man put his cards on the table, saying he just wants a girlfriend for the holidays. But only for the holidays.

Let me be clear. I want a girlfriend, he wrote. But, I don't really want a girlfriend. I just want one for the holidays.

In a Craigslist personal ad, the 28-year-old small business owner writes that he is seeking to nab a carefree, temporary fling before holiday festivities begin. In the advertisement entitled WANTED: Holiday Girlfriend posted last week, the Holiday Boyfriend explains his motive.

The holidays suck, especially for us single people, the ad read. All of your coupled friends are going to be doing couple things: snuggling by the fire, going to dinner at each others' parents houses, blahblahbarf...Deep down inside, you don't want to be alone for the holidays. You want someone to do all of those cute snuggly things with.

Also, he would want the girlfriend to help him tout his image, so outsiders don't keep thinking [he's] a loser destined for permanent solo status at friends' coupley holiday parties.

His solution is to hire a temporary holiday girlfriend to date until 11:59PM, January 2nd, 2012. Afterwards, he suggests friendship or the occasional drunken booty call.

The 28-year-old describes himself as a small business owner, active (cyclist, surfer, snowboarder), outgoing and a vein mention of how he is easy on the eyes.

But what can a guy who admits he has spent most of the year working, biking and getting drunk offer this holiday girlfriend?

According to the anonymous author, he can cuddle, cook, serve alcohol and be the recipient of a New Years kiss who doesn't look (or sound) like Sloth's cousin.

Did I mention he's a self-declared hard worker?

Love taking photos? he asks in the ad. Sweet. Let's wear gaudy holiday attire and make ridiculous Xmas postcards to send your friends and family.

However, he does not want any drug users, lazy or prude women nor anyone who will open the ex-file about their love for past boyfriends or girlfriends. He encourages all others to apply with a photo and 250-word bio.

The Craigslist ad was picked up by Meghan McCain, daughter of U.S. Senator John McCain, along with other entertained readers.

This craigslist ad is amazing, she tweeted on Tuesday.

Others don't seem so amused, as Peter Jamison for SF Weekly called the ad poster an insufferable Craigslist bro.

I'm acknowledging the busy nature of the professional San Francisco woman and proposing a mutually beneficial solution, the anonymous author told the Huffington Post. I'm being 100 percent honest about my qualifications and intentions. To those who think there are women who would or should not be interested in such a proposal: you are putting female sexuality in a box.

Some Craigslist users have even copied the idea, posting similar requests on Craigslist asking for a holiday girlfriend.

Looks like there are still a lot of hopeless singles out there.