A 30-year-old man allegedly raped a teen girl in India for months and told her it was to ward off an evil spirit. Nihal Beg, a fruit seller from the state of Madhya Pradesh, was arrested for raping the 10th-grader for more than six months inside her own house.

Beg told the family he had magical powers and could help solve their financial troubles, according to India Today. Beg manipulated the family and told the victim’s father in September 2021 that he could ward off the effect of the “evil spirit” that was causing their family’s problems, police said.

“The victim’s father was a businessman who dealt in electronic gadgets while her mother worked as a teacher in a private school. During the Covid-induced lockdown, her father's business suffered losses and he went into depression," police said, according to the publication. "Nihal Beg, a family acquaintance, convinced them that an evil spirit was behind their misfortune and it needed to be warded off, for which special prayers were required."

Nihal "took advantage of the situation" and claimed he could "mitigate their problems with prayers to ward off the effect of 'evil spirit,'" a police officer said, according to The Times of India.

The family began welcoming Beg into their home, who would come twice a week under the pretext of performing rituals in their home. Beg told the family members they would all have to stay in separate rooms during the ritual. He then had the teenage girl alone in a room with him.

Beg terrorized the girl and forced himself on her, claiming the “spirit could kill her parents” if she resisted him. The young girl kept quiet while she was being raped on numerous occasions for months.

After six months of hoodwinking the family, Beg told them he drove the spirit away and that he was no longer required to visit their house. The teenager then told her parents about Beg raping her while claiming to perform rituals.

Cops arrested Beg after the family informed the authorities Saturday.

Representation. Pixabay