• The incident took place in the Nagpur district of the Indian state of Maharashtra
  • The man's wife and son managed to escape, while he died inside the burning car
  • The man reportedly had a lot of debts

A debt-ridden businessman in India set his car on fire with his wife and son inside in an apparent bid to kill himself and his family.

The man, identified as 58-year-old Ramraj Bhat, died inside the burning car, but his wife and son managed to somehow get out of the vehicle alive. They, however, reportedly sustained severe burns.

The incident took place Tuesday in the Nagpur district of the central state of Maharashtra. Bhat's wife and son were identified as Sangita, 57, and Nandan, 25, respectively. Bhat reportedly ran a wedding business.

The man apparently told his family he was taking them to lunch on the day of the incident. On their way to the restaurant, Bhat, who was driving at a normal speed, suddenly brought the car to an abrupt halt on a road, NDTV reported.

The police said, after stopping the vehicle, Bhat used the central locking system to lock the car, doused everyone with patrol, and ignited the interior.

"The family left the house around 12.30 pm. We learned that Bhat suddenly stopped the vehicle on the road near Khapri Punarvasan, locked the car doors using the central locking system, allegedly poured petrol on them and set everyone ablaze" the police told Times Now News.

The authorities recovered a note from inside the car in which Bhat wrote he was struggling financially. Fire brigade officials reached the spot and managed to put out the blazes after locals informed them. All of those involved in the incident were taken to a hospital.

Video shared on YouTube shows blazes have engulfed the car, sending thick smoke into the air. A fire brigade official was seen working to put out the flames using a water cannon.

Bhat was declared dead at the hospital.

"While all three were rushed to hospital, doctors declared Bhat dead. His wife and son are still recuperating. We suspect that Bhat assumed that the money lenders would trouble his family if he alone committed suicide due to which he decided to kill his family," a police officer told Times Now News.

If you have thoughts of suicide, confidential help is available for free at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Call 1-800-273-8255. The line is available 24 hours, every day.

Debt-ridden businessman puts car on fire with family inside Pixabay