Mark Redwine
Colorado father arrested 5 years after killing son. In this photo, Tucson Police Officer Angel Ramirez arrests a man for trespassing in Tucson, Arizona, May 29, 2010. Getty Images/ Scott Olson

Mark Redwine, the father of Dylan Redwine, the 13-year-old boy, who disappeared in November 2012 in Colorado, was arrested for his son’s murder on Saturday, five years after Dylan went missing.

Dylan went missing during a court-mandated meeting with his father, who was separated at the time from his mother. The teenager had gone to his father’s mountain cabin near Durango, Colorado to spend Thanksgiving with him and was never heard from again.

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Cory Redwine, Dylan’s older brother told ABC affiliate KMGH that his brother had discovered some compromising pictures of Mark, the Daily Beast reported. Cory stated that he had seen the pictures too and they “show him wearing women’s clothes and makeup and a diaper and then eating his feces from the diaper. It was disgusting. We couldn’t believe it.”

Dylan’s remains were found scattered along a mountainside a year after his disappearance.

Even though Mark was a person of interest in the death of Dylan, he has maintained that he did not hurt his son. According to him, he left Dylan on the couch one day in the evening and went about running errands. When he got back, Dylan was gone.

Elaine Hall, Dylan’s mother, has been the strongest advocate against her ex-husband, maintaining for the last 5 years that it was his rage that caused her son’s death. According to her, Dylan might have confronted his dad regarding the pictures and might have gotten killed as a result. “He may have said something that just didn’t sit well with Mark and Mark reacted in a very violent way… obviously. Dylan is no longer here,” Hall said on a February 2015 podcast, according to the Daily Beast report.

However, after her son’s remains were discovered, analyzed and recorded in the indictment report against Mark, Hall could not bring herself to read through it. “I still to this day have not read the indictment, Things like that are very difficult for me. Especially when I hear about wounds in Dylan’s skull. So I choose to stay away from that information.”

Many people in Colorado have raised the question as to why Mark was arrested four and a half years after the disappearance of Dylan. There seems to be no new evidence that has surfaced that could explain the arrest of the father.

La Plata County Sheriff, Sean Smith, expressed his condolences to Dylan’s family on Tuesday in a press conference and assured the local residents that Mark will be brought to justice even though it might have taken the law enforcement more time than usual.

“After four and a half years, I know many of you are asking questions about the length of the investigation, but I believe it tells a powerful story by itself,” he said. “This team put in countless hours ensuring that no stone was left unturned, literally, because they were committed to finding justice for this 13-year-old young man who lost his life over the Thanksgiving holiday in 2012,” Smith said, Denver Post reported.

When Sixth Judicial District Attorney Christian Champagne was asked if he could elaborate on why it took so long for the police to arrest Mark, he refrained from giving a direct answer. Instead, he referred to the blunt-force trauma wounds found on Dylan’s skull and the fact that a cadaver dog could sniff out traces of a dead body on Mark’s truck and clothes – evidence which was collected back in 2012, shortly after Dylan disappeared. Dylan’s DNA was also found in Redwine’s home on the couch, under the rug, and the corner of a coffee table.

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Hall, however, says it was only after Smith and Champagne were appointed to their respective posts that the investigation into her son’s death gained new momentum.

At present Mark remains in a Washington jail on a $1 million bond, awaiting trial in the Colorado court on a date which has not been decided yet.