The cast of “Marlon” teased what fans can expect from Season 2 of the NBC comedy.

In a featurette promoting the sophomore run of the sitcom, series star Marlon Wayans said that the new season is better than the show’s debut run. “As fun as last season was, Season 2, it’s a step-up,” says Wayans, who plays the title role and co-created the series with Christopher Moynihan. “We have a family show that’s dealing with divorce, but it’s not about breaking up. It’s about finding ways to stay together.”

Essence Atkins, who portrays Marlon’s ex-wife, Ashley, reveals that Season 2 will see Marlon mature a little bit. “We actually will see a bit of growth on Marlon’s part,” says Atkins, before revealing that Marlon will, in fact, help Ashley find a new boyfriend. “He may turn out to be the ultimate wingman.”

While Ashley tries to return the favor, a clip from the new season shows that being a wingman for her ex is something that’s hard for her to do.

Season 2 will premiere with back-to-back episodes on Thursday, June 14 starting at 9 p.m. EDT. According to the synopsis for the first installment, Marlon convinces Ashley to let their son Zack (Amir O’Neil) model for a kids’ athletic line after he is approached in a mall. But after the shoot, Marlon and Ashley, as well as their friends Stevie (Diallo Riddle) and Yvette (Bresha Webb), are horrified to see that the photos have been altered as the shirt Zack is modeling now contains the phrase “Funky Monkey.” Ashley and Marlon decide to pull Zack from the campaign after the advertising executives fail to see the racism of the shirt.

In the second half of the season opener, Marlon offers to be Ashley’s wingman during a night out at a club. All is going well until Marlon meets someone too and Ashley finds herself jealous. Meanwhile, Yvette gives Stevie a makeover and kisses him in an attempt to make her ex jealous.

In addition to Wayans, Atkins, Webb, Riddle, and O’Neil, the series also stars Notlim Taylor as Marley, Marlon and Ashley’s daughter.

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