It was decision time on the "Married at First Sight" Season 2 finale. After six weeks of marriage, the couples had to decide if they wanted to stay married or get divorced in episode 13. The final days of the experiment were hard on all of the couples, but they each came to a conclusion about their relationships.Unfortunately, they didn’t all find happily-ever-after endings together.


Jessica and Ryan D.

With two days until their final decision, Ryan De Nino wanted to make his relationship work. He even made breakfast in bed for Jessica Castro. “It’s never really too late, so I’m going to make the effort,” Ryan said.

Still, Jessica worried that he would go back to his old ways. Jessica’s sister talked to her via webcam and was still unsure of her final choice.

Ryan went to his friend Jo Jo for advice. Jo Jo told him that nothing would be perfect between them ever, but he had to make sure the good outweighed the bad.

Ryan said that he learned about himself and his issues throughout “Married at First Sight,” and Jessica said that she was happy that they went through the bad times. She was proud of what they accomplished. “As individuals we’ve come a long way, and as a married couple, we’ve come a really long way,” Jessica said.

The experts looked back at their relationship. The two started off immediately attracted to each other and were the first to have sex. However, once Ryan offended Jessica, they started fighting. Eventually, they were able to work out their communication issues and start to build a strong relationship.

Jessica told her diary camera that she wanted Ryan to fight for her. “I want to trust and I want to fall in love,” Jess said. “But my biggest fear if we decide to stay married is that the Ryan from the first four weeks will show up again.”

Her husband also worried that they’d start fighting again. “When it comes to a decision, you can’t just take the two good weeks and ride with that,” Ryan told the cameras.

Ryan had his arm around Jessica as they rode to their meeting with the experts. Spiritualist Greg Epstein and sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz sat down with them to hear their final decision and talk about what they learned. Ryan said that he figured out how to be careful of another person’s feelings, and Jessica discovered how to verbalize her feelings.

“Each day it was a new challenge and a new obstacle that we had to get past, but to be completely honest, I wouldn’t have changed it,” Ryan said. “So for that reason, I want to stay married.” Jessica agreed with him.

Pepper said she was glad they were capable of forgiving each other. She was happy that they worked hard and believed they could have a strong marriage eventually.

Jess said that she found her Prince Charming, and Ryan said that he really cared about his wife. He had one last surprise for his wife when they got home. Ryan got a fish for them. Jessica brought out a piece of their wedding cake, and they celebrated their relationship.

Davina and Sean

Davina Kullar and Sean Varricchio went to the beach to write their wishes for each other in a bottle and send them into the ocean. Davina told the cameras that she liked seeing Sean in New Jersey and admitted that she thought about moving to there with him.

“The experiment is six weeks and it’s just not enough,” Davina said. “There is going to be even more to uncover and I am open to that.”

Later, Sean went to his parents’ house to get some advice. He admitted that he wasn’t committed enough during the first few weeks, but he really gave his all in the half of the experiment.

Davina went to her best friend Chris for advice, and they didn’t come to any conclusions. When she got home, Sean was cleaning and then he got into bed with Davina. She asked him to fulfill his promise. He had previously agreed to suck his own toe before the end of the experiment.

“We’re now at a place where we’re just able to have fun,” Davina said. She enjoyed their friendship.

The experts looked back at their relationship. Davina and Sean started off hot and heavy at their wedding, but they quickly started fighting on their honeymoon after Sean didn’t acknowledge Davina crying during one of their outings. Then the separation of Sean living in New Jersey half the week started to put some distance (literal and emotional) between them. However, in recent weeks, they’d put in the effort and seemed to be moving forward until Sean revealed that he didn’t want to be in New York at all.

On the last day of filming “Married at First Sight” Season 2, Davina brought Sean coffee in bed and said, “Happy decision day!” Sean promised her that he’d have no regrets. In the car, they shared more positive and encouraging sentiments.

They met with sexologist Dr. Logan Levkoff and psychologist Dr. Joseph Cilona to discuss their relationship. Davina said that she went into this experience feeling positive. While their tough times were a setback, it made them work hard. Sean revealed that he turned to his faith and started praying during this process. He said that he learned a lot about life, not just love, during this process.

They’d made their final decision. “My decision is that I want a divorce,” Davina said. Sean agreed.

“I think Sean is a great person and there has been the cultivation of a friendship, but it’s a platonic relationship,” Davina said. Sean said that Davina wasn’t the woman for him and she’d make another man very happy one day.

However, the two then started bickering during the final meeting. Davina said she wanted a strong husband, and Sean said that he was a strong person. He said that he didn’t like the way she spoke when she was stressed. She would get angry and rude with him. Davina felt like Sean wasn’t supportive of her. Sean called her egocentric and said that he thought Davina always needed things to go her way.

Logan said that she was frustrated that they fell apart. She asked them if they fully committed and Davina admitted she got in her own way. Sean said that he wasn’t committed through the first portion of the experiment.

“I’m going to take what I’ve learned and continue forward with positivity and happiness and let people in,” Davina said.

They went home and packed up their things. Davina said that she felt that he betrayed their friendship when he talked to the experts. He hadn’t said some of those things to her before, but Sean said that he tried. He also admitted that sometimes it was easier to avoid confronting his (soon to be ex) wife.

Sean said a quick goodbye and left his wedding ring on the table. “I don’t think either of us have closed the door on either person,” he said. He hoped they could be friendly eventually and wanted Davina to find what she was looking for in a partner.

“I’m still glad I married a stranger because I have learned a lot about myself,” Davina said. She also left her wedding ring next to Sean’s on the counter as she left the apartment.

Jaclyn and Ryan R.

Ryan Ranellone saw his friend Tommy to talk about his upcoming decision. He admitted that he didn’t know what to do about his marriage to Jaclyn Methuen. The experts did find exactly what he asked for, but Tommy wanted to know what he didn’t like about Jaclyn. Ryan brought up how dominant and extroverted Jaclyn could be.

“Being a great person is an excellent quality, but being a great person isn’t enough to make a marriage work,” Tommy said.

Ryan admitted that the distance was still a factor. He was living an hour away from his family and he missed them. Jaclyn was also worried about Ryan’s attachment to his family. “I’m definitely not feeling like the number one priority going into this,” Jaclyn told her sister.

Jaclyn’s sister Lauren gave her some good advice. She told Jaclyn that she was an aggressive person and took on some typically masculine traits. Jaclyn knew that she needed to be less dominant if she wanted her marriage to Ryan to work.

The couple spent some time together before making their final decision. Jaclyn, who is half-Indian, took Ryan to a restaurant to try Indian food for the first time. He was willing to try something new for her. “I’m a pretty simplistic guy, so this is purely for her,” he said. He didn’t like it, but Jaclyn was happy that he tried.

In a recap of their relationship, the experts showed how rocky their relationship was at the beginning. Jaclyn wasn’t attracted to him, and she kept up her emotional walls. However, she started to let him in and then Ryan suddenly pulled back. Once they identified their problems, they reconnected and seemed to be on a good path.

On decision day, Jaclyn said she wanted to get everything over with and that she was nervous. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to change her life for forever or go back to where they started.

They went to Logan and Joseph and discussed what they learned. “I’ve never had to really be a partner before and this experiment really forced me to in a lot of beneficial ways,” Jaclyn said.

Ryan explained that they were too polite to avoid hurting each other all of the time in the beginning, which eventually led to them hurting each other accidentally. They learned a lot of the last six weeks. “There’s nothing easy about marriage, but if marriage and that person is worth it than that work won’t be so difficult,” Ryan said. “My decision is to stay married.”

“I really did try in so many different ways to make this work and be supportive and kind of carry the team,” Jaclyn said. She said she had a lot of unhappy moments through this, but she knew that her husband always had good intentions. “I want to give this a chance and I want to stay married,” she revealed.

The experts were thrilled that Ryan and Jaclyn wanted to make it work. “There is a love there, without a doubt, and I feel like that will only get stronger as our relationship progresses,” Jaclyn said.

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