“Married at First Sight: Couples Cam” follows the reality show alums who are still together, but many still keep in touch with their divorced co-stars. Jessica Studer, who is still married to Austin Hurd, caught up with fellow “MAFS” Season 10 star Mindy Shiben to talk dating and divorce in an exclusive International Business Times clip from Thursday's episode.

On this week's "MAFS: Couples Cam," Jessica reveals Austin is thinking about joining the National Guard, and Mindy says her new boyfriend is serving. Jessica hadn’t realized her “Married at First Sight” bestie was dating anyone seriously.

Mindy is absolutely giddy telling Jess about her new beau. Though the relationship is very new, Mindy emphasizes that her new boyfriend treats her really well. “He gives me butterflies because he’s just such a good guy and he makes me laugh,” Mindy says.

She’s very hopeful—but she’s not quite divorced yet. Don’t worry, Mindy is not getting back together with ex-husband Zach Justice. It seems it’s just a typo on the paperwork that’s delaying the divorce. Mindy signed the papers but realized Zach’s last name was spelled incorrectly.

“Our lawyer spelled his name incorrectly on the affidavit. His last name is Justice. I don’t know how a lawyer misspells Justice, but it happened,” Mindy laughed.

“It’s always really great to catch up with Mindy, and after seeing how tough her marriage was, it’s really great to hear that she’s in a much better place,” Jess says.

Watch the clip below:

See more from their reunion when a new episode of "Married At First Sight: Couples Cam" airs Thursday on Lifetime.

MAFS Couples Cam
Jessica and Mindy chat during "Married at First Sight: Couples Cam." Lifetime