“Married at First Sight” has been having the couples interact with each other more than ever in Season 7, but Tristan Thompson and Mia Bally once again aren’t present for a group event in Tuesday’s episode. It seems their latest fight could be the biggest blowout yet.

In an exclusive clip from the Lifetime reality show (video seen above), Dave Flaherty wishes Tristan and Mia were around for the “Married at First Sight” couples’ field day. “These events are more fun with all six of us,” he laments.

At lunch, Danielle Bergman reveals that Mia shared some of the details of their recent fight. “Mia said Tristan kicked her out of the house, and she said he took their wedding photos off the wall and he put those out, like threw them out in the hallway too,” she says.

For the couples at field day, it feels like a step too far. “I don’t think I would ever forgive you,” Danielle adds to her husband, Bobby Dodd.

MAFS Tristan Mia "Married at First Sight" couple Mia and Tristan will continue to struggle in Season 7, episode 13. Photo: Valerie Chiang/Lifetime

“That’s a pretty final move. You only move out when you know the marriage is over. That’s a pretty bold statement,” Dave says. His wife, Amber Martorana, seems to agree.

“If he wants to stay in it, like, how do you expect her to be secure if she feels like her stuff can be thrown out?” Danielle wonders.

Tristan and Mia have been contemplating moving from Dallas to Houston for Tristan’s job. However, Danielle doesn’t think moving several hours away is even a possibility if they make up. “You’re going uproot your life for someone that just already threw your stuff out in the hallway?” she asks.

“It is kind of hard to believe,” Bobby says.

Mia and Tristan have had lots of fights on “Married at First Sight” Season 7, but this seems to be the biggest. In a promo video for the episode, Mia reveals that the fight was a “heated conversation about the move to Houston,” and it ended with him throwing her out of his apartment. It seems like that won’t be the end of the conversation, though. The two will meet with Pastor Cal Roberson to work on their latest issues.

Elsewhere in “MAFS” Season 7, episode 13, the other couples will be planning their futures. Danielle and Bobby will discuss babies and family planning while Amber and Dave are already thinking about retirement communities.

“Married at First Sight” Season 7, episode 13 airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.