“Married at First Sight” couples have the experts on their side, but their exercises aren’t always easy. The fishbowl exercise is one longtime “MAFS” fans know well. The couples have to answer some very personal and sexual questions in front of the Lifetime reality show’s cameras, and it’s not always easy to open up. One wife has trouble in a clip from Season 7, episode 9.

In the above sneak-peek video, exclusive to International Business Times, Bobby Dodd and Danielle Bergman answer the fishbowl questions in bed. Bobby tells Danielle he loves her eyes and lips when asked about his favorite part of his wife’s body.

“I think this is the first time that I really and truly have been in love with someone,” Bobby tells the cameras. “But neither one of us has been like, ‘I love you.’ I think I’ve been pretty expressive about our relationship.”

However, he quickly realizes that his wife isn’t very forthcoming. Danielle doesn’t get deep in her answers to the fishbowl questions.

MAFS Bobby Danielle
"Married at First Sight" couple Danielle and Bobby might have some communication issues. Lifetime/Valerie Chiang

“I’m learning that Danielle doesn’t express herself as deeply as I do and that just leaves me with a lot of questions. Like, what if she doesn’t ever fall in love with me?” Bobby tells the cameras.

She doesn’t know how to answer some questions and laughs another off with a joke. When Danielle is asked about how to improve their sex life or how Bobby should initiate sex, she draws a blank. She can’t even tell him when she feels sexiest. “When the lights are off,” she jokes.

“I’m all up for the fishbowl, really, but Danielle is very private,” Bobby tells the audience. “She likes to keep her stuff to herself, and that’s a little alarming to me. I just hope that it’s not a direct reflection of what she thinks about me.”

Dr. Jessica Griffin has asked all the “Married at First Sight” couples to explore their fantasies this week, but reality is definitely becoming a little intense. While Bobby worries if Danielle will ever fall in love with him, Tristan Thompson has trouble with the in-laws. He’ll see Mia’s family again, and they won’t be happy to hear that the newlyweds are considering moving to Houston. Meanwhile, Amber Martorana will have trouble ignoring her insecurities when Dave Flaherty tries to take her on a dream date.

“Married at First Sight” Season 7, episode 9 airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.