The “Married at First Sight” couples have hit their one-month anniversaries, and they are ready to celebrate on Season 7, episode 10. First, though, Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson have to figure out where they want to live.

Tristan and Mia

Pastor Cal gave the couple a risk vs. benefit analysis for potentially moving to Houston on the Lifetime reality show. The move would be for Tristan’s job, and it would be a big change for Mia. She feels like it adds more stress, especially since she just married a stranger, which is pretty stressful already. Tristan, however, doesn’t see any benefit to him staying in Dallas. He would rather be closer to his family and has the opportunity to make more money down there.

“I’d rather be around my family than yours,” he says bluntly. “My family is a lot more laid back. Your family is more intense.”

He realizes it’s unfair to put this pressure on Mia, though. He wants her to make the choice that’s best for her.

They analyze the risks of staying in Dallas. Tristan says he might resent his wife for making him stay. She knows that she might resent him for making her leave. They tally their scores and the benefits of moving to Houston outweigh the risks. Mia is glad to see that in black and white and says that home is wherever her husband is. Still, she wants to visit Houston before making a final decision.

For their one-month anniversary, they ride a gondola together. It’s very romantic, and they seem happy. They say they don’t feel like strangers anymore.

When Tristan and Mia look at their wedding album for the first time, they reflect on how happy they are together. They also sit down to watch their wedding video, which gets a little emotional.

Finally, Tristan organizes the closet to make sure Mia can finally fully unpack her clothing. It’s a sweet gesture, and then Mia says she has a surprise for him too. She reminds Tristan how much he emphasizes self-love and talks to himself, so she had a huge cardboard cutout of his head made. They share a nice laugh together.

MAFS Mia and Tristan
"Married at First Sight" couple Tristan and Mia are divorced. Lifetime/Nat Chittamai and Kaitlin Hooper

Dave and Amber

Amber Martorana cooks dinner for her husband, but she isn’t exactly Rachael Ray. Dave Flaherty can tell that the kitchen “is new and foreign” to her and seems to supervise her work. He thinks it’s sweet that she is trying, though.

Dave takes Amber on a surprise overnight trip to their wedding venue. He booked the suite they stayed in on their wedding night, and Amber is delighted.

Amber is feeling positive about their future as they head out on the trip. She finally feels comfortable around her husband. She feels really lucky.

The “Married at First Sight” couple relives their wedding when they get to the ranch. They remember how nervous they were, but now they’re so comfortable. After walking around the grounds, they look through their wedding album and laugh at some of the awkward photos. They even recreate their first dance.

“It’s the most romantic thing that he’s done so far,” Amber says.

They have cake and watch their wedding video in bed that night. Amber says he has changed so much in her eyes since getting to know him. She thought he had it all together that day, but now she recognizes how nervous he was. They both agree that they’re very lucky.

MAFS bobby danielle
Danielle and Bobby are still happy as can be on "Married at First Sight" Season 7. Lifetime

Bobby and Danielle

Bobby and Danielle are out skeet shooting, and Danielle is happy her husband is there to guide her through the new experience. They’re very supportive of each other.

They find a gift basket from the experts. It includes their wedding album, which is something they know they’ll keep forever. They exchange their own gifts as well. Bobby gives Danielle a DNA test for her dog because she has always wanted to know exactly what breeds Henry is mixed with. Bobby also writes her 23 index cards with the things he loves about her (they were married on the 23rd). It’s super thoughtful and Danielle is thrilled.

Her gifts to her husband are equally sweet. Bobby said he wanted to go to every baseball stadium in the country. She made a “Baseball Bucket List” board and crossed one out already. She gives him tickets to go to see a game in Seattle (where her family lives), and Texas will be the visiting team that week. He is thrilled.

To watch their wedding video, Bobby takes Danielle to a drive-in movie theater to watch it on the big screen. He even makes the flatbed of his pickup truck romantic with candles, blankets and pillows. As always, Danielle tells “Married at First Sight” viewers how lucky she is to be with Bobby.

The couple talks about what they’ve learned about each other. They both say they’ve learned that they’re committed. Bobby also lists little things about Danielle that make her laugh, like how she takes her coffee and how she hates her mother’s burgers.

“Married at First Sight” Season 7 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.