MAFS Jamie Doug
Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis struggle to deal with Jamie's recent thoughts about her ex in "Married at First Sight: The First Year" Season 2, episode 4. FYI

Honesty is the best policy, but oversharing can be a problem. “Married at First Sight: The First Year” Season 2 star Jamie Otis told her husband, Doug Hehner, that she started to have feelings for her ex-boyfriend again. In episode 4, she went to sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz and learned that she doesn't have to tell her husband everything. While Jamie had to let go of her past, Cortney Hendrix had to convince her husband, Jason Carrion, that his past was nothing to be ashamed of.

Jamie And Doug

Doug worries he’ll never be thought of as the love of Jamie's life and doesn’t think she understands that saying all of these things about her ex hurts him. He talks to his brother Matt about his marriage. Matt says it’s a little absurd for Jamie to be thinking about her ex-boyfriend a year into their marriage. Doug says he always thought they’d work through their issues. However, he isn’t so sure anymore.

Meanwhile, Jamie is helping her pregnant sister make invitations for a gender-reveal party. Jamie asks if her ex will be invited, but her sister says it would probably make both her husband and her ex uncomfortable. Yet Jamie insists they’d be fine with it. Her sister says she isn’t inviting Jamie’s ex, but Jamie still wants the men to meet at some point.

Jamie says she might be sabotaging her relationship by thinking of her ex and realizes she needs some help. Doug's wife goes to see Dr. Pepper, a “Married at First Sight” expert, and tells her that she told Doug that she was thinking about her ex. Dr. Pepper thinks that was a bad move because it ignores Doug’s feelings.

“The fact is, he might never quite feel good ... when you’re with that person,” Dr. Pepper says. “I mean, this isn’t just your buddy who you could never think of romantically. It’s not clean like that and therefore I would say, put him away.”

Dr. Pepper thinks Jamie is challenging Doug to prove he is “the one” for her, but she doesn’t realize how much she is hurting him in the process. She tells Jamie to start seeing a therapist in her area to talk about things instead of telling her husband every feeling she has. She also advises her to remove her ex from her life and start trying to make Doug feel loved.

Jamie goes to New York to attend a stripper pole workout class with Cortney and Monet Bell. Jamie hopes it’ll help with her physical intimacy issues. When she goes home, she apologizes to Doug for never really putting him and his feelings first, and she shows him her routine from the stripper workout. “I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and really trying to put him first,” Jamie says.

Cortney Hendrix assured Jason Carrion that she'd help find his father in "Married at First Sight: The First Year" Season 2, episode 4. FYI

Cortney And Jason

Jason and Neph Rodriguez make up after their fight, and Jason says he accidentally took out a lot of his anger on Neph. He still is angry that his father abandoned him and doesn’t feel like he really has a family after his mother’s death. Neph advises him to look into finding his dad so he can at least resolve all of these pent-up feelings.

Later, Jason tells his wife that he wants to know why his father left. He admits he is ashamed of that part of his life. “You can’t pick what you’re born into,” Cortney says. “But at this point in your life, you can take the control back by saying, ‘I am not going to let you or anyone else make me feel like I am inadequate.’ Because you’re not.”

Neph And Jasmine

Cortney and Jason go to Neph’s house to celebrate his birthday. Cortney asks Jasmine about living with Neph, and she assures everyone that it’s going well. Neph says he is looking for a house, but Jason isn’t so sure he is really prepared. He teases his friend, but Neph doesn’t feel like it’s well intentioned.

“Jason’s giving me a hard time about buying this house, but I mean, c’mon. You should know me better that I’m not going to buy a house on a whim,” Neph tells the cameras. “I know me and Jason forgave and we moved forward, but I feel like there might be a little residual anger left.”

When Jasmine steps out, Cortney says Neph is different since he has been with her. Neph reveals that his new girlfriend showed him that he could be happy. Cortney still worries, though. He is recently divorced and she doesn’t want him to get hurt again.

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