The “Married At First Sight” couples have been married nearly a month, and it looks like the honeymoon phase is over. The couples were nearing their deadline to decide if they wanted to stay married, but none seemed to be standing on solid ground in episode 8, titled “Conflict & Resolution.”

Jamie and Doug

This episode picked up right where last week left off in the trailer park where Jamie grew up. “Being here, I realize Doug doesn’t really know me. I’m just so slow to let my guard down,” Jamie said. “My mom went through so much: choking and guns and just nasty, nasty violence.”

Jamie realized she needed to bring Doug to the trailer park to show him where she came from. She admitted that it made her trust him and she felt closer to falling in love with him.

However, that feeling didn’t last long. When the two got home, Jamie let Doug park the car while she brought the luggage upstairs. When Doug came back, he smelled like cigarettes. Doug was very defensive and swore he had quit smoking. He even swore on his mother’s life he was not smoking. Yet Jamie could tell he was lying. Doug eventually admitted he had resumed smoking.

“I lied straight to your face over and over again,” Doug said. “It’s disgusting and horrible and I don’t know how else to say I’m sorry.”

Jamie didn’t think he would be truthful if she hadn’t caught him. “I don’t want to be married to someone like that, and I won’t be,” she said.

For Jamie, the argument wasn’t about the cigarettes but about lying. Jamie said that she didn’t want to marry a child who has to learn how not to lie. “I feel like you’re super juvenile, super immature. I don’t think you’re ready to be a husband,” Jamie said.

Jamie has been in relationships with liars before. She knew bad relationships start with one small lie and just escalate. Doug understood he was wrong, but he didn’t understand why she shut him out so quickly. He wasn’t sure Jamie would ever be able to work through the ups and downs of a marriage.

Jamie admitted to a friend that if they weren’t married, she would have broken up with Doug over this.

Dr. Joseph Cilona, the expert psychologist, came in to help the couples with their conflicts. Doug recounted the smoking incident to Dr. Joseph while Jamie discussed her trust issues.

“He’s been so patient, and so amazing, just a great guy,” Jamie said. “Then he lied about something so silly, and that’s really been hard for me to get over.”

Jamie wanted to believe her husband is a good guy, but she also worried about being naïve. She had seen various women in her family stay with liars who created unhealthy realtionships.

“If you stay too much in the past, it’s going to keep you there,” Dr. Joseph said.

Dr. Joseph let Jamie explain her family’s history with men who lie, and Doug promised not to lie to her again because he valued her trust.

Cortney and Jason

Jason told Cortney he distanced himself so she didn’t see he was in pain over his mother’s health issues. Cortney understood and didn’t pressure him to open up, but she still wanted to meet his mother.

The two painted some pottery to spend some time together. Jason’s biggest concern was they wouldn’t have time together after he started training at the fire academy. They already had trouble working around their busy work schedules, but they made it work. Cortney said she wasn’t as worried about their schedules. They were already rearranging their lives to be together, and she didn’t expect their relationship to always be easy.

“If I’m in this, I’m in this for life,” Jason said. “I just don’t know if you’re in the same boat that I am, you know?” Jason wasn’t sure Cortney was on the same page, but audiences didn’t get to hear Cortney’s response.

Dr. Joseph talked to them about their conflicts. Cortney admitted she doesn’t know how they’ll deal with Jason’s time at the fire academy, but she wasn’t that worried about how distant Jason was.

“Trust takes time and we’ll have enough time,” Cortney explained. “And he’ll know that I’m not going anywhere.”

Though Dr. Joseph acknowledged they avoid discussing their issues a little too much, he was confident the couple was developing a healthy relationship.

“Interestingly, they’re the youngest couple, but I think they really have approached this in a very mature way,” Dr. Joseph said. “And I think that they have really what it takes to make this relationship work and last over the long term.”

Dr. Joseph gave them some homework to help them start hard conversations. Jason asked about Cortney’s fear about the end of the experiment. Both are concerned their relationship will change after the show, but they hope they can grow together.

Cortney asked about what she should know about her husband that she had yet to learn. Jason opened up about growing up without a father and his rough childhood. He said it was a topic he didn’t really even discuss with his friends. Jason said he wanted to open up more, and Cortney told him she was always ready to listen but wouldn’t pressure him.

Monet and Vaughn

Vaughn’s mother Roxanne visited him, and he turned to her for advice. Vaughn said he wanted to mirror his parents’ relationship.

“Young people think they have this world of people to choose from and eventually they’re going to get exactly what they want,” Roxanne said. “And it’s so far from the truth. You can pass up good people, loving people sometimes because they don’t start off being what you want.”

Vaughn claimed he was catering to Monet’s every need and didn’t know what else to do, but his mother had hope they could figure it out.

Roxanne went out for coffee with Monet as well. She told her to just put a little more effort in to cater to Vaughn’s needs. She described men as “fragile” and explained sometimes they just need attention.

Monet really enjoyed hearing his mother’s advice and said Roxanne was very fair in her judgments. “I felt like his mom rebooted me and gave me some tips on how to operate better,” she said.

“I think Monet wants to make it work,” Roxanne said. “She’s just maybe not as well versed in how to go about it, at least when it comes to Vaughn.”

When Monet went home, Vaughn started talking about the fact that he enjoyed their “civil” relationship, but would like some swooning from Monet. Monet is once again shocked by Vaughn’s outlook. She thought they were finally on the same page, but he still didn’t feel any affection from her. Monet told him that swooning would come after she fell in love with him, but Vaughn said he didn't feel she made any effort to do things for him.

“You’re nice and you say thank you, but I never see you make an effort [to reciprocate nice gestures],” Vaughn said.

“You insensitive jackass,” Monet said to the audience. “There hasn’t been one time in this whole social experiment that he’s asked me what makes me happy because in reality, he doesn’t care. He cares about what makes him happy.”

Dr. Joseph’s toughest couple was obviously Vaughn and Monet. Their session didn't end as nicely as the other two couples' meetings with the psychologist. Monet recounted their recent fights. Dr. Joseph asked if Vaughn had seen her hurt feelings or her angry feelings. Monet admitted that she mostly showed anger.

Vaughn never felt like his nice actions were reciprocated. He couldn’t recall Monet giving him a single compliment. Vaughn explained to Monet he thought he deserved some attention and nice gestures. Monet explained she had done nice things like cooking him dinner, but Vaughn interrupted and noted she only cooked once.

Dr. Joseph asked them to write apology letters to each other for the things for which they were sorry. Monet didn’t really feel sorry for anything, so she wasn’t sure what she would put in the letter.

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