“Married At First Sight” Season 10 ended with at least three divorces. Check out who is still together and who broke up after Wednesday’s finale of the Lifetime reality show:

Austin Hurd and Jessica Studer

Austin and Jessica sit down with the experts and seem to be in good spirits. They complement each other well, but they haven’t been without their issues. Jess is worried about Austin’s travel schedule, and Austin hasn’t been able to say “I love you” yet. One of those issues is fixed before the session ends.

Jessica says she wants to stay married and Austin agrees. That’s when he says, “I love you.” The results are in, and Jessica and Austin are staying together.

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Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin

Brandon stopped filming after fighting with not only his wife, Taylor, but also the production team. During her Decision Day meeting with the experts, she reveals that she and Brandon were hanging out often when the cameras weren’t around.

However, Brandon decides to show up for the final meeting. He claims the show made him late for work on two separate occasions. Once Dr. Viviana Coles notes how smug he seems and questions if he understands how serious marriage is, Brandon decides to leave for the bathroom.

Viviana asks Taylor why she keeps trying with him. Taylor hoped that they could move forward, but she never felt supported by her husband. Brandon returns from the bathroom, and the experts ask for their final decisions.

Taylor says that she feels like they’re on the brink of starting to be more open, but she doesn’t think that staying together would be the best plan. She says she’d like a divorce. Brandon responds with, “I’m over it. I’m over all of this.” He walks out without any further discussion.

He tells the cameras, “I wish her nothing but the best, but love don’t live here no more.”

Brandon and Taylor are getting divorced, which isn’t surprising considering that they filed for divorce before “Married at First Sight” Season 10 even aired.

Michael Watson and Meka Jones

Michael feels “proud” of their journey so far, but Meka is a little more cautious. She knows that Michael has issues being honest. However, he has apparently been opening up more recently, which is giving Meka some hope.

When they sit down with the experts, Michael acknowledges that he is used to using certain tactics to get what he needs in life. Those tactics aren’t exactly wholesome. He implies that when he saw his marriage struggling, it was an impulse to lie to save it. He knows that he made those choices to be dishonest, but he also made the choice to keep working on their relationship.

The process has been eye-opening, but Meka still doesn’t trust Michael. She wants a divorce. Michael says he was as honest as he could be, and he feels like they should move forward. “So for me, I don’t believe in divorce,” he says. He’s disappointed, but they’re getting a divorce.

Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad

Katie is open about the fact that she doesn’t feel as confident as she’d like to at this point. Meanwhile, Derek says it’s been a lot of hot and cold feelings. They know that they’re both committed. Katie says they have a friendship, not the deep desire she wants with a romance. Of course, friendships are a great foundation for marriage.

Derek says he feels like their marriage is “built off arguments” and that can hold them back. However, he wants to stay married because he thinks that they could fall in love eventually.

Katie says she feels like her heart isn’t in it, but she isn’t ready to give up yet. Katie and Derek are going to stay married, and they’ve sign a year-long lease for a new home together. Let’s see if that decision sticks until next week’s reunion.

Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice

Yes, they made Mindy and Zach come in for Decision Day despite the fact that they chose divorce early on. Pastor Cal Roberson asks if Zach just wanted to be on TV, and the groom denies it. Cal questions why Zach was so resistant to everything and Zach says he didn’t realize how strong his walls are.

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Mindy tells him that he could be a good husband to someone, but he certainly wasn’t to her. Zach apologizes and wishes things could’ve gone differently. Then, he starts rambling--as he so often does--and talks himself in circles to the point where he barely makes sense.

Mindy says she’s glad he learned a lot because he needs to learn how to treat people better. She’s been doing great since they split and feels much more carefree since they split.

The drama isn’t over yet. The “Married At First Sight” Season 10 reunion airs next week.

MAFS Season 10 couples "Married at First Sight" Season 10 couples: Jessica and Austin, Brandon and Taylor, Zach and Mindy. Photo: Lifetime