A man in India was arrested for allegedly murdering a 22-year-old woman after she rejected his marriage proposal. He pushed the victim from the 3rd floor of a building and fled with her body, reports said.

The accused, identified as Gaurav, is a married man from Noida, a city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. He was arrested Tuesday near Meerut, a city 45 miles away from his hometown. When the cops caught Gaurav, he was in an ambulance with the woman's corpse, NDTV reported.

Investigators said Gaurav was stalking the victim, identified as Shetal, for quite some time and her family had reported it to the police. The officials who detained Gaurav reportedly let him go after he agreed to stop troubling the woman.

"When he did not stop harassing her, her family approached the police and a complaint was filed on September 29. The accused was arrested but allowed to go after he promised to leave her alone," Ashutosh Dwivedi, a senior police officer said, as per the outlet.

However, Gaurav approached Shetal again Tuesday with the proposal, and she rejected him. In a fit of rage, he pushed her from the top of the building.

After the woman fell, Gaurav ran downstairs and told witnesses at the scene that he is her brother. He fled the scene with the woman's body, claiming he was taking her to a hospital.

"When police reached the scene, a man named Gaurav was seen taking the victim to a hospital. Initially, Gaurav claimed to be her brother. We did not know to which hospital the girl was taken," a police officer said, Times Now News reported.

After Gaurav was taken into custody, he admitted to the crime. However, he claimed that the victim had married him but had started ignoring him.

In a similar incident last month, a 23-year-old man in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu was arrested after he pushed a woman in front of a moving train for rejecting his love. The victim died after she was run over by a moving train. Police arrested the accused, identified as Satheesh, and registered a case against him.

Police lights
Representation. Lights of a police car. MagnusGuenther/Pixabay