Vili Fualaau, 33, has filed for separation from his former teacher-turned-wife Mary Kay Letourneau, on May 9, after 21 years of having an illicit affair and raising two daughters together.

The couple came into limelight for all the wrong reasons back when their relationship incurred an international scandal. She was a 34 year old married mother of four at the time that Letourneau engaged in sexual activities with her student, Fualaau, who was 12.

When their affair came to light, Letourneau, who was pregnant with Fualaau’s child, was charged with child rape and sentenced to seven and half years in prison in 1997.

Just a year into serving her jail sentence, Letourneau was paroled with the condition that she would have no physical contact with Fualaau. But the Fualaau’s former teacher lapsed, violating that condition a month into her parole and was caught red-handed with her lover in the backseat of a car.

As a result, Letourneau was sent back to serve the rest of her original sentence, and that time around too she was carrying Fualaau’s second child. The couple got married in May 2005 after Letourneau was released from prison and Fualaau came of legal age.

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At present, Letourneau has an estimated net worth of $300,000, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Mary Kay LeTourneau Mary Kay LeTourneau, a former teacher imprisoned for having sexual relations with a 14-year-old boy, is pregnant for a second time by the teenager, March 14, 1998. Photo: Getty Images/Stringer

Fualaau has filed for separation from his wife for now, which is often considered a precursor for divorce. The two of them do not own any joint properties and have no debts to pay off. Also, none of them have asked for spousal support, Mail Online reported.

As for child support, Fualaau has stated during the time of filing for separation that it may not be a requirement since both their daughters are legally adults and hence, no longer dependent on their parents. Letourneau’s former student has, however, put in a request for a fair division of the couple’s individual assets when it comes to their daughters.

Presently, Fualaau is gainfully employed at a home and garden center and also is building up his career as a DJ at a night club under the stage name DJ Headline. Letourneau on the other hand, is employed as a legal assistant, since she is unable to teach due to her status as a sex offender.

The couple has also hosted a segment called “Hot for Teacher” nights at a local bar a few years after their marriage.

David Gehrke, the lawyer who represented Letourneau during her trial, has stated that he is not surprised that Vili has decided to separate from his wife, People reported. He added that there is no doubt in his mind that the couple was really in love with each other.

“They loved each other,” Gehrke said. “They were devoted to each other. They courted for 10 years and they were married for 10 years. Yes, he was a minor, but they had back-channel contact during the time they weren’t supposed to be speaking. Not as regularly as they would have otherwise, but they were in contact. This was a couple who was in love. They had children together, and they raised those children.”