Obama Sings Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' [VIDEO]
One dedicated Little Monster has combined clips from President Obama's speeches over the past three years with the instrumental version of Gaga's "Born This Way," creating a karaoke video of the president karaoke-ing to the LGBT pop anthem. YouTube

At last year's Human Rights Campaign dinner, President Barack Obama told LGBT supporters that he had just come back from some productive bilateral talks with your leader: Lady Gaga.

The president may have been joking, but one YouTube poster was inspired enough by the relationship between Obama and the pop superstar to create a video of the president karaoke-ing to Gaga song Born This Way, using a mash-up of his speeches over the past three years to re-create the song lyrics.

The choice to combine Obama and Gaga, actually makes a good deal of sense: Without the pop singer's activism, the president may have had fewer fans in the LGBT community in 2012 than he does now.

'Bring your words of promise into reality'

Speaking at the National Equality March in Washington, D.C., in 2009, Lady Gaga called on the president to follow through on his campaign promise to push for equal rights for the LGBT community.

Obama, I know you're listening, she said, before screaming: Are you listening?

Bring your words of promise into reality, she urged the commander-in-chief, drawing cheers from the crowd. We demand change now.

Obama and Gaga

Since that speech, Obama has achieved the repeal of the homophobic military policy Don't Ask, Don't Tell, succeeded in passing an expanded version of the federal hate crimes law named for Matthew Shepard, and begun to institute policies that expand the rights of same-sex couples.

Lady Gaga's possible influence on the president's slow but steadily more decisive shift towards addressing LGBT rights turned into direct involvement with his administration in the fall of 2011.

After the tragic death of Jamey Rodemeyer, a youth who killed himself following years of being bullied and who had made an It Gets Better video to comfort other gay teens, Gaga had had enough.

She met with members of the Obama administration on Dec. 8, 2011, after a meeting with the president to discuss the It Gets Better campaign and to issue a general plea for stronger positions in his second term.

Obama Sings 'Born This Way'

With such an intertwined background in LGBT activism, perhaps it should come as no surprise that that one Little Monster decided to sync Obama to song about being beautiful in my way/cause God makes no mistakes.

But what viewers marvel at is not so much that a YouTuber combined Gaga and Obama, but that he or she did it so effortlessly. When did Obama say lipstick (listen in at 0:35)? Or give the user enough words to make lines like I'd roll my hair and in the glass of her boudoir?

Below, watch President Barack Obama 'sing' along to Lady Gaga's pro-equality anthem Born This Way.