A family was terrified to find a massive snake skin hanging from the roof of their home in Australia.

The 13-foot-long snake skin was found Wednesday morning in Queensland, but there was no sign of the reptile. Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7's Stuart McKenzie was called to the home to help find the giant reptile. A video was shared by McKenzie showing the snake skin stretching down to the ground.

"This is from an absolute weapon of a carpet python and oh boy do I hope we find it," McKenzie said, adding he had never seen such a huge snake skin.

McKenzie searched the roof cavity and other surroundings but was unable to locate the serpent.

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"We haven't found that particular skin owner yet but if someone finds a skin similar to this situation, it means you have had a snake at some stage on the property and it is either curled up or on the move after shedding its skin," McKenzie told Nine.com.au. "It's just a big carpet python and they are not dangerous - they will just be after their next sleep or meal."

McKenzie said it was possible the snake left the house and went back into the nearby bushland. However, he could not confirm the same. The snake catcher urged locals to be on the lookout of any more snake skin or the python.

"We are going to put the call out for the 'Buderim Beast' and if anyone finds him give us a call straight away," he said.

Last month, a woman in Brisbane was shocked to see a giant python devouring a bat in her yard. Tova Ferris exclusively told Australia’s 7 News she has lived near Brisbane for 15 years and had never seen anything like this before. “I just hear this squawking - this really weird sound that I hadn’t heard before,” she said. “I sort of looked toward the right and obviously it was the bat making noises and the python going for it. Once I sat back and had a look, I thought it’s not every day you get to see this. It was quite amazing to watch it do its thing. It sort of hung around for about two hours eating the bat, then went up to the top of the tree and sat there for about another two hours.”

Burmese python Pixabay