A massive snake bit a woman after coming out of the toilet. The incident took place in central Thailand on Sunday.

The woman’s daughter took to Facebook to share the incident. She said her mother “went to use the toilet” when the reptile bit her “as she sat on the toilet.”

“My mother grabbed its head and tried to pull it off her body. Well, the snake just wouldn’t let go. It started to wrap itself around my mother squeezing in tighter and tighter,” she said, adding that the woman then screamed for help.

The woman’s son rushed to the bathroom to help his mother. He then got her a cutter. However, while using the cutter the woman accidentally cut herself. She somehow managed to get rid of the snake and pushed it on to the floor.

“I don’t know how but my mother finally got the snake to stop biting her. She pushed the head on the floor and screamed for my brother to get a hammer. After some hitting, the snake finally stopped squeezing. My brother pulled her out of the toilet and locked the snake inside,” the daughter wrote. The woman was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

“My mom is so brave, I would have fainted in the toilet. I learned to always look at the toilet before using it even if it seems impossible for a snake to be inside,” the daughter wrote. She also posted a photo showing the snake lying dead in the bathroom with a bloodied hammer beside it.