A huge python ate a pet cat in Sunshine Coast, Australia, on Monday morning.

Snake catcher Stuart McKenzie arrived at a home after receiving information that a snake with a bulging belly was found in the garden. McKenzie initially thought the 7-foot-long reptile had swallowed a possum but soon realized that it had eaten a cat.

“I received a call for a large python that had eaten something big and was asleep in a ladies yard this morning. As soon as I arrived I knew the food Item was too big to be a possum and I was 95% sure it was a cat,” McKenzie wrote on his Facebook page the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7. He then took the reptile to a nearby vet who confirmed the snake had indeed consumed the cat.

“The owner of the cat was contacted by the vet and she called me afterwards and we had a good chat. She was obviously very sad and her kids were devastated. The cat was indoors at night time and was allowed outside during the day,” he wrote.

Warning the cat owners to not let their pet to “explore the neighborhood during the day or night,” he wrote, “Not only do cats predatory instincts take over and they kill lots of native wildlife but they can also be killed by native wildlife or run over by cars.”

Meanwhile, the reptile was released into the woods.

python This representational image shows a python on a tree inside his enclosure at the Dhupguri snake park in India, Feb. 8, 2006. Photo: REUTERS/Rupak De Chowdhuri