Showtime’s sexually-charged drama, “Masters Of Sex,” ended Season 3 on a bitter note. Dr. William “Bill” Masters was slapped with a lawsuit and a prostitution charge while his long-time partner and fellow sex researcher Virginia “Ginny” Johnson packed her bags and fled with perfumer Dan Logan. If Season 4’s spoilers are anything to go by, it looks like a happy reunion is on the cards for the estranged couple.

Michael Sheen, who plays Bill, Lizzy Caplan, who plays Virginia, and “Masters Of Sex” showrunner Michelle Ashford provided some juicy details on the series’ upcoming season during a panel at the Television Critics Association on Thursday.

Below are five things to know before Season 4 premieres this fall:

1. Bill Is At Rock Bottom

Sheen told reporters (via TVLine) that Bill has gotten to a point in his life where he has lost his marriage, he has lost the women he loves and he has almost lost his career. However, being at rock bottom might help him gain some new perspective. “He’s being accused of pedophilia and prostitution. That’s a pretty low point for a man, but strangely, there’s liberation in that, as well,” he said.

2. Virginia And Bill Will Rebuild Their Burned Bridges

“Masters Of Sex” is based on a true story about real-life researchers Virginia Johnson and Bill Masters. Therefore, the couple aren’t going to be separated for long. The panel emphasized that Season 4 will show the duo rebuilding the bridges that burned between them.

3. Bill Does Some Interesting Things

“Bill smokes pot,” Sheen said.

4. Historical Events Will Be Depicted

Season 4, much like the previous seasons of Showtime’s “Masters Of Sex,” will highlight several historical events that take place in the late 1960s and early 1970s. For example, the drama series will showcase the feminist protest of 1968 at the Miss America pageant.

5. Virginia And Dan (Josh Charles) Don’t Marry

Despite the whirlwind romance Virginia and Dan have had and the sweet proposal he made to her in Season 3, the couple don’t end up together.

Caplan explained, “Men tend to become very obsessed with Virginia, they tend to fixate on one part of who she is. There’s only one man who knows Virginia in her entirety and still feels a great deal of love for her, and that is Bill.”

“Masters Of Sex” season 4 premieres on Sunday, Sept. 11, at 10 p.m. EDT on Showtime.