Last season of Showtime’s sexually charged drama “Masters Of Sex” ended on a bleak note with Mrs. Virginia “Gini” Johnson separating from Dr. William “Bill” Masters professionally and personally. Season 4 has slowly but surely repaired their broken relationship to the point where the couple decided to get married. Did the sex researchers tie the knot?

Here’s what happened in “Masters Of Sex” Season 4, episode 10 “The Eyes Of God”:

Libby And The Kids Move To California

In the week that Bill’s (Michael Sheen) wife spent time with hippies, she came across a respected law professor who inspired her to enroll at the University of California in Berkeley. Libby (Caitlin Fitzgerald) did that and promptly secured a three-bedroom apartment near the campus so that she can stay there with her kids while studying for her law degree.

Libby told Bill that she plans to move with their children. Of course, Bill could visit them at any time and they will also visit him in St. Louis often. But Bill wasn’t happy about this decision. While they were arguing, Bill’s oldest son snuck out with the car keys and drove away. Fortunately, Bill stopped his son and explained to him that he was just figuring out their living arrangements with his mom.

In a heart-to-heart talk, Bill finally told his son the big news: He and Virginia are getting married. He even confessed to loving her while being married to his mother.

Bram Keller Moves To California Too

Bill isn’t the only person in Libby’s life disappointed by the news of her big move. Her boyfriend Bram Keller (David Walton) is unhappy with the prospect of not seeing her again. Fortunately, he is ready to move to California for her. For once, a man in Libby’s life is willing to sacrifice his comforts for her. She got her happy ending on “Masters Of Sex.”

Masters Of Sex Libby moved to California with her children in the Season 4 finale of Showtime's “Masters Of Sex.” Photo: Showtime

Nancy Faces A Legal Battle … And A Failed Marriage

Fresh from learning the devastating truth about his marriage with wife Nancy (Betty Gilpin), Art (Jeremy Strong) decides to tell Gini and Bill the truth about her. He informs them that she is opening her own clinic in New York and plans to use their techniques and use their names and procedures to make a name for herself in the area of sex therapy. She is also stealing most of their wealthy clients. Also, Art has left Nancy.

Fortunately, Keller, Masters and Johnson quickly take legal action and start contacting all their clients to let them know that Nancy is being investigated.

“Masters Of Sex” Season 4, episode 10 also showed Art saying goodbye to Nancy forever.

Barton Scully Is Furious

Masters and Johnson break the good news to everyone about their impending nuptials. However, not everyone thinks it is the right decision. Virginia’s parents’ marriage is over, Bill’s kids are moving halfway across the country and the clinic is embroiled a legal battle. Even their book deal with Little Brown is up in the air. Almost everyone thinks that getting married now is not a good move. Only Dr. Barton Scully (Beau Bridges) gives them their blessing.

Bill even asks Barton to be their witness for the marriage and he happily agrees.

Unfortunately, while having a conversation with their Little Brown agent, Virginia slips that they will come up with a gay conversion therapy. She does this in order to ensure that they have a book deal with the publishing company.  They aren’t actually going to do any research on gay conversion therapy. Nancy hears this recorded conversation and gives Barton the tape. She informs the secretly homosexual doctor that the couple plan to convert gays.

Barton is understandably furious. He refuses to be their witness and says that if Bill does convert gays into heterosexuals, he will make it his life’s mission to discredit him.

Finally Bill And Virginia Get Married!

Virginia later learns that the Little Brown agent who they thought they converted into a heterosexual is still a homosexual. He makes a pass at Art.

With Barton stepping down as a witness and Dody (Kelli O’Hara) suddenly visiting Bill in the hopes of rekindling their romance, it almost seems like Gini and Bill aren’t going to get married. Fortunately, Gui steps in and becomes their witness. Bill and Gini get married!

“Masters Of Sex” has yet to be renewed for Season 5.