"The Matrix" trilogy director Larry Wachowski is now known as Lana after a 10-year sex change process, showing off her transformation in a director's commentary for her new film, "Cloud Atlas."

Lana, 47, unveiled her new self to the world in a director's commentary for the "Cloud Atlas " trailer, a sci-fi film directed by Wachowski, her brother Andy (who also co-directed "The Matrix" trilogy) and German director Tom Tykwer and starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry.

"Hi, I'm Lana," she says at the beginning of the commentary, which you can view below.

The director's sex change is being embraced by her fans around the world. She is currently undergoing hormone therapy as part of her 10-year gender transition, according to The Daily Mail.

"Good? to see Lana being herself and being relaxed. This is 2012," wrote YouTube user amadan34. The comment received 13 likes.

"That's the first time I? see Lana :D," wrote davold0, a comment that also drew 13 likes from viewers of the "Cloud Atlas" trailer director's commentary.

In the video, Lana sports pink dyed dreadlocks and a tank top.

One of Hollywood's most influential and successful directors, Lana, then known as Larry, left his wife for dominatrix Isla Strix during "The Matrix's" success, the Daily Mail reported.

Larry and Strix were photographed in an S&M club called The Dungeon, which led to his separation with this wife, according to Inquisitr.

Twitter users also applauded Lana for being brave enough to showcase her sex change.

"[G]ood for lana wachowski! the director of 'matrix' has decided against taking the pill that masks reality and opted for becoming herself!" tweeted @pasupatidasi in a reference to "The Matrix" trilogy.

"What's overlooked in the 'Cloud Atlas' chatter: Lana Wachowski did a brave thing today, and a lot of fanboys met their first trans woman," wrote Matt Dentler.

"And am I the only one that felt like cheering now that LanaWachowski is going more public! So Awesome! We live in a better world," said @headgeek666.

"The Matrix" director's sex change is not getting full support from fans, however.

Twitter user Johnny Landin called Lana's sex change "disgusting.

"I hate 'The Matrix' as of now," he wrote.