Juliana Redding was a beautiful model and aspiring actress who appeared in the 2005 film “Kathy T” and graced the pages of Maxim. The woman’s blossoming career came to a violent halt when she was strangled to death in 2008, CBS reported.

According to new evidence that has recently come to light, she may have been murdered by a woman who has been nicknamed “James Bond,” for her strong-arming ways. Allegedly, the femme-fatale’s boyfriend, Ronnie Case, is also believed to have assisted “James Bond,” whose real name is Kelly Soo Park, in the murder.

CBS quoted prosecutors as saying, “both before and after the murder of Ms. Redding, the defendant and Mr. Case worked as muscles ... frequently using tactics of threats and intimidation to facilitate favorable terms for the doctor's business enterprises."

Reports reveal that a business deal between Redding’s father and a Lebanese physician, Muir Uwaydah, went awry.

As a result, the physician sent Kelly Soo Park to act as his real estate agent and financial assistant to Redding’s home to “threaten and intimidate” her.

Park has been tied to the 21-year-old’s home through forensic evidence that was "recovered from the neck of the victim, from the victim's cell phone, and a knob on the gas stove that was turned on in an attempt to blow up the apartment."

Park pleaded not guilty to the crime of murdering the aspiring superstar on the fatal day of March 15, 2008.

“[Park] has committed other distinctive acts of misconduct against similar victims under similar circumstances which exhibit common features of threats, intimidation and bullying for the purpose of assisting Dr. Uwaydah’s business interests,” said a motion filed by prosecutors.

Uwaydah, who was said to have briefly dated Redding, admits to have sending Park to Redding’s home but not so she would be killed, according to media reports.

He has reportedly left the country and presumably went to Lebanon.