Baekhyun, Xiumin and Chen of EXO. OXO/Creative Commons


  • MC Mong allegedly intended to poach EXO members Kai and Baekhyun, based on a leaked conversation
  • MC Mong was allegedly heard saying he wanted to "bring" the EXO members, and he was "working hard"
  • The leaked conversation came a month after the "Chen, Baek, Xiumin Incident" occurred

An alleged conversation between MC Mong and entertainment industry officials in South Korea leaked online, sparking speculation that the latter intended to poach EXO members Kai and Baekhyun.

On Tuesday, South Korean media outlet TenAsia revealed that it obtained a transcript where the 43-year-old music executive — real name Shin Dong-hyun — allegedly attempted to recruit the two EXO members from SM Entertainment to his own music label, Big Planet Made.

"I really want to bring Kai and Baekhyun," MC Hong allegedly said, adding, "I'm working f—king hard."

The report added that the hip-hop artist "argued unilaterally" that the exclusive contract between EXO and its long-time label was "unequal" and that he obtained information that the group received a "ridiculous settlement" while on a worldwide tour in the past. The transcript allegedly justified MC Mong's attempt to recruit the members.

"I really want to bring Kai and Baekhyun. I'm f—king my work now. That's how you'll become No. 1," he said at the end of the conversation, which was allegedly recorded in January last year.

International Business Times couldn't independently verify the claims.

The leaked conversation came a month after the so-called "Chen, Baek, Xiumin Incident," where the trio — who were promoted as the sub-unit EXO-CBX — initially pursued legal action against SM Entertainment over contractual and financial issues and notified the latter that the members intended to terminate their contracts.

SM, however, denied the allegations and claimed that a third-party source was influencing the trio. At the time, reports claimed that MC Mong was the external force involved in the issue.

Following the claims, a representative for MC Mong addressed the issue through a statement to local media outlets that read, "As to prevent the further spread of misinformation, MC Mong would like to clarify that he did not make any intentional attempts to instigate friction between the EXO members and SM Entertainment. When considering the fact that MC Mong is not an executive director of Big Planet Made, it's clear that the speculative reports are far from the truth."

The rep further explained that MC Mong and Baekhyun knew each other on a "personal level" and that the former did not use such a relationship in "any way" to recruit him.

"They met for personal reasons, and after hearing out the troubles that Baekhyun had with his agency, MC Mong merely offered his 'hoobae' (junior idol) consolation," it concluded.

SM and the EXO-CBX unit have since resolved the problem and promised to "further strengthen their relationship in the future." The former clarified the rumors related to MC Mong, saying there was a "misunderstanding regarding the involvement of a third party" and apologized to the people affected.

But after the newly leaked conversation circulated online, media outlets claimed that it was contrary to the statement released by MC Mong last month.

Though the music executive did not directly address the speculation as of late, he did leave a cryptic message on his Instagram Story, writing, "I was holding back... but you people..."

Meanwhile, an unnamed representative for SM told TenAsia, "We have not figured out what MC Mong intended to say or what kind of attempt he made."

EXO "Cream Soda" concept photos. twitter.com/@weareoneEXO