Mean Girls
"Mean Girls" actor Daniel Franzese reveals hysterical scenes that were cut from the 2004 flick. Mean Girls

Happy birthday, “Mean Girls”! The cult classic that strutted its way into our hearts a decade ago is turning 10 years old on April 30. Yikes, that makes us feel old. Seriously, wasn’t it just yesterday we were continuously quoting the Lorne Michaels-produced film? That’s probably because it was. Regardless of the time that’s passed, the movie has remained a fan favorite for its hysterical and clever lines, courtesy of Tina Fey.

Daniel Franzese, who played Damien, testified to that argument in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, explaining that because of the comedy he’ll never be able to wear a salmon-colored shirt again … ever.

“For the past decade, it doesn’t matter where I am, it happens,” Franzese said. “I actually have removed the color pink from my wardrobe completely. I'll be like, ‘That’s really nice, but it’s pink so I can’t wear it.’ Because people yell that stuff on the street to me all the time.”

We could imagine. The line has become a favorite for many who watched the film based on Rosalind Wiseman’s book, “Queen Bees and Wannabes.” And apparently it was Franzese’s, too!

“The ‘I want my pink shirt back’ line was one of my favorites from the movie,” the actor confessed before revealing he was the author of the legendary remark.

“I came up with it during rehearsal; we were rehearsing driving around the cul-de-sac and I asked Mark (Waters) if I could say, ‘I want my pink shirt back, b----.’ He said, ‘Sure, say it twice and real fast like George Costanza in 'Seinfeld,’ and he let me run with it. So that was really fun.”

Fun and fabulous! But that wasn’t the only “Mean Girl” scoop Franzese let us in on. According to the actor, who is now 35, there was supposed to be an alternative ending of the beloved comedy. We repeat, an alternative ending.

“In the original script that I read, Kevin G. gets busted by Miss Norbury for selling ecstasy — so when they call her a drug pusher she actually has drugs in her desk, [because] she took them away from Kevin G.,” he divulged. “Janis and Damian convince Kevin G. to go to the school board when they discuss her punishment to confess that it was him, but Kevin G. never shows up. So Damian gets on the podium and kind of bull****s his way through saying it was him to try to protect Miss Norbury.”

That’s so fetch! We would have loved to see another scene starring Damian. Everything he touched turned to comedic gold. So, why did they delete two more scenes with the side-splitting actor?

“There's actually a deleted scene from ‘Mean Girls’ the original ending shows what happened to Damian after [junior year],” he revealed. “And he was going to audition for ‘American Idol.’ Simon Cowell was going to call him chubby and then he was going to run up on the stage and punch him.”

Other changes to the script included axing Lizzy Caplan’s scene of reciting deep, meaningful poetry while playing drums at the talent show.

“And I know I had another line that I think was so funny that didn’t make it in,” Franzese added. “I was smoking a cigarette when we were walking across the field to go sit on like the grass. Cady says to Damian, ‘You know, you really shouldn’t smoke,’ and Damian goes, ‘But it keeps me thin.’ It was so painful to let that line go, but Mark doesn't like his actors smoking in movies, which is admirable.”

Are you bummed that “Mean Girls” cut those scenes? We totally are. And if you don’t agree with us, then you can walk home, b------.