The last episode of Medium aired on Friday and followers of the show will certianly miss the family of Allison and Joe, and their stable family life.

The series started in 2005 and ran for seven seasons

Themed on supernatural gifts, its lead character, Allison DuBois played by Patricia Arquette, is a medium employed as a consultant for the Phoenix, Arizona district attorney's office. She helped them solve criminal cases, missing persons et al. The series aired on NBC during its first five seasons before switching to CBS. Season 7 premiered on September 24, 2010.

The finale was all that could be expected of a psychic ghost seeing thriller. Allison, who loses her husband Joe in a plane accident, has become an attorney and then realizes that Joe may still be alive in Mexico, suffering from amnesia. But that again is a dream and Joe finally appears to tell her that he really died. Allison lives a ripe old age and finally meets Joe on the other side. All the three girls have the gift and choose to exercise it or not.

Medium had its band of loyal followers with nearly 7.1 million viewers on Fridays. However, it put to an end earlier than expected as the target audience of 18-34 was missing.

Being a family-based drama which focused on ghosts and psychic crime solving, the script’s appeal was limited as far as the ad attracting crowd went.

The viewers are demanding that CBS reconsider the decision as, one comment on the net says, “the wishes of the viewers are never considered.”