[UPDATE 3:01 p.m. EST]: Ahmed Angel told the International Business Times that he is 18-years-old, from Iraq and studies medicine in Belarus.

"The most important thing in my life is to study medicine!!!" he said. "And I'm not a model but I'm Top Model !!!" Angel added that he has received "many international contracts to work in cinema and art" as well as fashion agencies but has put his modeling career on the shelf for now.

"I'm busy my studies [sic] so I decided to postpone these offers to another time," he writes.

[UPDATE: 2:39 p.m. EST]: Ahmed Angel has responded to IBTimes' interview request via Facebook. He writes: "this is a great honor for me !!!And now I'm very confused and worried Because of the surprise that got !!! [sic] So quietly planning I do not know how to deal with this fame :("


The Internet has officially spawned its newest superstar and he “is planet.”

Meet Ahmed Angel, the perfectly-coiffed, impeccably groomed and ultra-mysterious social media presence, who may or may not be real.

Photos of Angel have been popping up all over the web as of late, with social networking website users touting its newest star. His newfound fame has sparked countless discussion threads on Reddit, reposts of his heavily photoshopped images on Imgur -- which have been viewed nearly one million times -- and a bizarre (the only word to describe it) video on YouTube entitled, “Ahmed Angel is planet.” Tech blog Kotaku even called him “the most delightfully narcissistic man on Facebook,” thanks to an account that boasts snazzy photos edited with PhotoFunia, PhotoFaceFun and PicJoke.

But despite his rampant photos on the net, Angel is quite an elusive lad. Based on Facebook alone, all we know is that he is a “student,” speaks Arabic, English, Russian and French and has a bio that reads, “the best.number 1.” Another Facebook fan page, though, lists him as a “doctor” with nearly 300 followers.

According to Yahoo! Shine, Angel’s hometown is in Iraq but boasts fans from all over the world, as he calls himself a “superstar” of the Middle East, Europe and Russia. On his VK account, a Russian social networking site, Angel is listed as a Muslim and doesn’t approve of drinking and smoking. However, his “personality priority” is “fame and influence” and finds “intellect and creativity” as “important in others.”

However, according to Reddit threads, haters and several websites, there is no confirmation that Ahmed Angel is a real person or just another enigmatic Internet meme.

Whomever he is, though (IBTimes is still waiting for a response), a robot does not run his social media account, since my own friend request on Facebook has been accepted.

Stay tuned for confirmation. But in the meantime, enjoy his music video, “Ahmed Angel is planet," below.