“Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” rejects are be given another shot at finding love. After much controversy, ABC will be airing Season 4 of its popular “Bachelor in Paradise” spinoff series on Monday.

Aug. 14’s two-hour season premiere will kick off similar to past seasons of the dating competition. Viewers will watch as host Chris Harrison invites the initial nine women and seven men to the “Paradise” abode in Playa Escondida in Sayulita, Mexico, each on their individual quests to find love.

TV Guide’s synopsis for episode 1 reveals fans will not only get to see initial introductions among the singles in the premiere, the installment will also show the first date of the season play out. ABC’s official summary offers a little more insight into what viewers can expect. “Sad news is relayed to the cast,” the synopsis begins. “A new twist poses a threat to the men [and] a woman is betrayed.”

Sounds like a lot of drama after only a few hours in paradise!

Before the single men and women of past “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” seasons couple up, get to know the 16 cast members from this year’s season.

The Men

Robby Hayes

It’s no secret Robby will find someone his heart pines for this season. Promos for the season have revealed he and Josh Murray’s ex fiancée Amanda Stanton will hit it off this time around.

DeMario Jackson

DeMario didn’t leave Rachel Lindsay’s season of “The Bachelorette” on good terms. After being outed by his ex-girlfriend on a group date, he was swiftly given the door by his suitor. And fans paying attention are already well-aware his stint on “Paradise” didn’t go any better. ABC has confirmed in its Season 4 trailer that scenes from the DeMario and Corrine Olympios’s hookup, which resulted in the halting of production and an investigation, will play out on camera.

Alex Woytkiw

Alex proved he wasn’t one to lay down in his fight for love on JoJo Fletcher’s “Bachelorette” season after going toe-to-toe with fellow contestant Chad Johnson. Let’s hope he has the same tenacity in finding a “Paradise” partner.

Nick Benvenutti

Nick will bring his most memorable accessory with him to paradise: a Santa hat and beard. Photos from the premiere show being welcomed by Harrison who appears shocked by his attire. Hopefully the ladies dig Saint Nick.

Vinny Ventiera

Things didn’t end well for Vinny last season on “Paradise.” After ending things with Izzy Goodking, the alum is back for another shot at love.

Ben Zorn

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Season 11 contestant managed to make it quite far in the game, but not far enough to walk away from the ABC series engaged.

Derek Peth

Derek couldn’t find love with JoJo Fletcher. Will the commercial banker be able to use his wing-man skills and find himself a girlfriend – or even a fiancée, come the end of “Paradise” Season 4? He makes it clear in the promo he’s not looking for a bromance, he wants a romance.

The Women

Amanda Stanton

As previously stated, Amanda won’t have trouble finding love again on “Paradise,” but will her romance with Robby last? In the trailer, Robby makes it clear he’s into Amanda, but he’s also interested in Raven Gates. “I love the idea of falling in love with Raven,” he says. Sounds like trouble ahead!

Danielle Maltby

Nick Viall’s former contestant is still looking for love. The neonatal nurse will join the initial members of the “BIP” Season 4 house on Monday’s premiere.

Lacey Mark

Lacey did not manage to woo “Bachelor” Nick Viall during his season and rumor has it she ditched a boyfriend back home to find love on “Paradise.” Will she be successful?

Taylor Nolan

Taylor made a big splash after finding herself at the center of drama with the ladies – mainly Corinne Olympios – during Nick Viall’s “Bachelor” season. Will she be able to put the drama in the house aside this time around to focus on love?

Corinne Olympios

Corinne’s first 30 minutes in paradise will be riffled with controversy. Watch the “Bachelor” Season 21 contestant’s drama with DeMario in the premiere.

Kristina Schulman

Kristina’s backstory made quite the impression on Nick Viall on “The Bachelor.” It appears she’ll also attract “Bachelorette” cast-off and fan favorite Dean Unglert when he finally joins the cast.

Jasmine Goode

Nick Viall’s season wasn’t a winner for Jasmine and it looks like her days in paradise won’t be much better. In the extended Season 4 trailer she is described as a “T-Rex” by one contestant in her approach to meeting the men.

Alexis Waters

Everyone’s favorite shark costume-wearer is making a comeback! Fans will recognize Alexis from Season 21 of “The Bachelor” where she tried to win Nick Viall’s heart.

Raven Gates

Raven didn’t get a proposal from “Bachelor” Nick Viall, but she very well may find herself on the right side of love this time around. Robby makes it clear in the trailer he’s interested in her, but a love triange could get in their way.

“Bachelor in Paradise” Season 4 kicks off Monday, Aug. 14, at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.