Many followers of American pop culture first heard of Romain Dauriac when Scarlett Johansson showed up to the Venice International Film Festival in September with a ring on that finger. The two never set a date, but ScarJo and Dauriac began to make headlines once more after multiple sources reportedly confirmed Monday that the couple was expecting a child.

The International Business Times first wrote a “Who is” piece on the “Her” star’s lover when they revealed their engagement, but since interest has peaked in Dauriac once more we’ve decided to add a few more details about the seemingly mysterious man.

Here’s something the two have in common: They’re not big on social media. Dauriac does have a Twitter, unlike Johansson, but he has barely tweeted. Try to find him on Facebook, Instagram or Vine and the effort will probably be in vain. The French journalist seems to live his life outside of social media -- just like his fiancé.

In 2011 Dauriac dabbled in Twitter a little with the handle @RomainClark and in his rare messages a few things about his taste in music can be assumed: He’s not sure if '90s rapper Slick Rick is “the best ever” and he likes punk music. In 2009 he wrote: "a Monday morning with Jay Reatard," in reference to the late garage rocker.

It’s not very easy to find much information about him. But it’s widely known that Dauriac is a French journalist who used to be the editor-in-chief of the French magazine “Clark,” which specializes in urban art.

It’s not exactly clear how the two met, but many believe their love of body art brought them together. Apparently, they have a mutual friend: ScarJo’s tattoo artist Fuzi. He’s the one who did her most recent tattoo, the horseshoe that says “Lucky You.”

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