Meghan Markle could be faking her pregnancy, according to one Twitter user.

A photo of Markle that’s making rounds online shows the duchess’s baby bump appearing to be square in shape. One netizen then claimed on Twitter that Markle may actually be not pregnant. The netizen added that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex just hired a surrogate that’s why they couldn’t give a definite due date.

“Most of all her odd ever changing ‘baby bump’ especially THIS photo of it!” the netizen pointed out.

The Twitter user said that she has three children, but her baby bump was never shaped similar to Markle’s and it was never “square.” Another user who shared the same opinion agreed with the post.

“That's what I think they are waiting for the baby dilivered [sic] to them from the far islands of Australia when they toured it,” Nesrine Hassan commented.

One user also pointed out how Markle travels a lot even when she’s pregnant. The duchess accompanied Prince Harry in his Commonwealth tour in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga.

Pregnant women are usually advised to stay away from Fiji and Tonga due to Zika virus that may result in deformities in unborn babies, but the royal couple still visited the said countries.

“She's not pregnant even if her followers can defend her from sunrise to sunset...not pregnant she has a surrogate,” another user insisted.

Meanwhile, other netizens believe that using a surrogate shouldn’t be a problem. If Prince Harry and Markle have one, there isn’t a need to fake their pregnancy. They should be open about it because nothing is wrong with it.

On the other hand, a number of royal fans defended Markle. According to them, the palace doesn’t really announce a royal’s due date. In addition, pregnant women tend to have different shapes of baby bumps.

Another user who claimed to be an obstetric nurse gave her professional opinion. According to her, she has seen all shapes of baby bumps and Markle is indeed pregnant.

In related news, Markle was attacked by netizens for always cuddling her baby bump in public. Critics felt that Markle was touching her belly frequently as shown in her photos. They felt that Markle was overdoing it and advised her to stop it because her baby bump won’t fall off.