Meghan Markle’s uncle has claimed that the duchess is a prima donna, and Twitter users had mixed reactions to his outrageous statement.

Another family member of the Duchess of Sussex has launched a vicious attack against her. Mike Markle, 80, called his niece a “prima donna.” He also addressed the issue of Markle being bossy and blamed his brother, Thomas Markle Sr., for spoiling his daughter.

“It could be that she’s bossy towards staff because she’s been spoilt by my brother. He doted on her a lot — more than he did his other children,” he told Woman magazine.

Mike also addressed the alleged rift between Markle and Kate Middleton. According to him, Markle may have a chip on her shoulder and was immature. 

He admitted that for him, Markle left her family behind as she climbed up the social ladder. Mike continued by saying that perhaps that’s what happens when one is “underclass” and is trying to rise above the reality of the situation.

Twitter users had mixed reactions to the interview given by Markle’s uncle, with some believing him and saying that they knew this from the start.

“Her uncle is truly correct.  She is spoiled and an immature primal donna. And the Cambridges can see right thru her,” a royal follower wrote.

“Well everyone can see that!!!! He is not telling us something we haven't realized. She is mentally damaged and so unfit for royal life,” one commented.

Meanwhile, some are saddened because it’s Markle’s family members who are making things harder for her. The Duchess of Sussex’s own father and half-siblings also agreed to give interviews separately, and all of them had said something bad about the duchess.

“IDK if this is true or not, but her family is absolutely the main reason she is facing so many problems with the public. They are dreadful,” one social media user wrote.

“They’re the ones keeping her in the press. How much did he get for selling that story?” another netizen commented.

Prince Harry and Markle are currently enjoying their six-week break from their royal duties. The family reportedly flew to California to be with Markle’s mom, Doria Ragland.