• Tom Bower and Jo Elvin discussed the changes in Prince Harry's attitude 
  • Bower said Prince Harry was nurtured to be kind while Markle was a Hollywood Diva
  • The "Revenge" author believed that the old Prince Harry was the real one

Meghan Markle has reportedly influenced Prince Harry and changed his behavior.

On Thursday's episode of MailPlus's "Palace Confidential," British journalist and investigative journalist Tom Bower, author of "Revenge," joined host Jo Elvin. They discussed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, particularly, his changed behavior.

Elvin mentioned in last week's episode that Prince Harry was the "smiley, jovial sort of like party prince." However, in their observation, Prince William's brother turned from "jolly to surly."

"I think Meghan sees enemies everywhere, as he did too. And whereas he was so nurtured to be kind to people because that's part of the royal performance to look after, Meghan didn't see that," Bower said. "Meghan saw no reason not to be the Hollywood Diva. And the Hollywood Diva, the whole act is very nice on performance, but in reality hate the whole thing, unless it's [for] your advantage."

As for Prince Harry, Bower felt that "he slipped from what was the natural person, whom everyone in Britain loved." He agreed that there were changes in Prince Charles' youngest son from being jolly and playful to a "vengeful person full of ventures."

"I think Meghan encouraged the ventures. Meghan encouraged the anger, the hatred, and seeing anywhere and paranoia," he added.

Elvin mentioned that many accused Markle of changing Prince Harry. However, she wondered if the current one was the "real Harry."

"No, I don't," Bower said. "I think that it's just, Harry is being a simple soul has easily changed to suit Meghan's agenda."

He added that living with Markle was very different from when Prince Harry was with his brother Prince William and sister-in-law Kate Middleton because the former "Suits" star has a "completely different attitude." In his opinion, "California has a different attitude" that's why the people are seeing a different Prince Harry. He added that he no longer appeals to the people in the same numbers.

Royal biographer Penny Junor, the author of "Prince Harry: Brother, Soldier, Son," also noticed a change in the Duke of Sussex. According to her, it was "so out of character" for Prince Harry when he decided to step back from his royal duties.

"Alarmingly, though, he has appeared determined since then on what might appear to be a trajectory of self-destruction – and I do not use that phrase lightly," Junor wrote. "He is essentially rejecting his birthright, his closest family and a public role that he seemed to have embraced and flourished in."

British journalist, biographer and commentator Angela Levin shared the same sentiment. The "Harry: A Biography of a Prince" author criticized him for doing business with Netflix, saying it was a "terrible error."

"I think the way that he has left the Royal Family, the way he did it, and he's changed," Levin told "Good Morning Britain." "He's almost unrecognizable from Prince Harry I spent a lot of time with."

Prince Harry (R) and Meghan Markle (L), the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, attend the UN General Assembly on Nelson Mandela International Day
Prince Harry (R) and Meghan Markle (L), the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, attend the UN General Assembly on Nelson Mandela International Day AFP / TIMOTHY A. CLARY