Meghan Markle is very different from her future sister-in-law, Kate Middleton.

According to royal expert Kelly Lynch, the "Suits" star and the Duchess of Cambridge have a number of differences and this may influence the charities that they will be supporting. For instance, Middleton is shy and avoids public speaking, which Markle can easily pull through.

"Meghan's training as an actress allows for the kind of self-confidence that took Kate a few years to build up," Lynch told Daily Express. "Mind you, Kate never willingly sought out the spotlight; she just happened to fall in love with a public figure. Meghan, on the other hand, grew up in Hollywood (her dad was a cinematographer) and works in an industry where your job is to stand out."

Markle is a feminist and she's popular in her campaign for women and gender equality. Lynch thinks that this will be the forefront of her royal advocacies.

"Meghan's had practice in working with charities in her previous role as an actress; she was a strong advocate for both women's health and youth leadership, and her involvement was apparent through the various essays she penned for publications like Elle UK and Time Magazine," Lynch explained.

Lynch added that Markle may likely join Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in gender equality conversations. Trudeau confessed that he is a feminist. Meanwhile, Markle also announced that her fiancé, Prince Harry, is a strong supporter of women.

Last month, Markle and Prince Harry visited Wales. During the said visit, a woman approached the "Horrible Bosses" star and told her that she loved the actress' efforts in publicly defending women's rights. During their conversation, Markle revealed that Prince Harry is a feminist too.

According to Lynch, Markle and Prince Harry share the same interest in building the youth's self-esteem. The couple is also active in helping the young people to succeed as leaders.

Meanwhile, Middleton is active in campaigning for mental health for all ages. In addition, as a mom, the Duchess of Cambridge is promoting maternal mental health too. 

In January, Middleton visited Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute at King's College London and talked to the doctors about the different challenges in dealing with maternal mental health. Prince William's wife is also set to launch Nursing Now campaign.