Meghan Markle reportedly wants to follow Angelina Jolie’s footsteps.

The Duchess of Sussex who is known for her efforts in helping various charities hopes to become a global humanitarian figure just like the “Maleficent” actress. A royal insider told The Sunday Times that Markle envisages a global role similar to “Angelina Jolie mould.”

Earlier, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex urged their well-wishers to donated to specially selected charities rather than sending gifts to their upcoming baby. They also did the same for their wedding.

A month before their royal wedding, Prince Harry and Markle named seven charities they aimed to help. They encouraged their fans to not send them any wedding gift but instead support any of the following charities: Chiva, Crisis, Myna Mahila Foundation, Scotty’s L Soldiers, StreetGames, Against Sewage and Wilderness Foundation.

Some netizens questioned the report calling it “fake news.” A different user said if the statement was actually from the former “Suits” star. Meanwhile, others were quick to judge the duchess.

One said that if she wanted a role model, Jolie would be the last person she would consider. Another said that Prince Harry’s wife is already as “insignificant” as Brad Pitt’s ex-wife.

“The more I read about this woman the more I can't stand her and think what have you done Harry, she is so self self self, no one other than her matters, she is not doing the royals any good,” Heidi611 wrote.

Another user said that the people in Africa should start lining up their kids to get ready for “Markle Sparkle” to pick a few out to adopt just like Jolie and Madonna. The same netizen pointed out that Jolie and Madonna’s adopted kids are not really orphans but have other relatives in the background.

“Why is she sooo, Insecure, she wants to be someone else all the time????, Diana, Jolie?????” Roshea commented.

“Wait first she was accused of wanting to be like Princess Diana now its Angelina, who will it be next, Mother Teresa, Ghandi? oh please,” Nicomore added.

In related news, Markle wasn’t included in the photo that Kensington Palace shared on Instagram to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. Her fans attacked the palace and questioned their choice of photo.