Meghan Markle is reportedly heading for a tricky situation that was previously experienced by Princess Diana.

Royal author Anna Pasternak appeared on Yahoo’s “The Royal Box” to give her insight on how she thinks the “Suits” alum has been adapting to her life as a member of the royal family.

Pasternak said that she wants to offer the Duchess of Sussex a word of caution because it seems as though she is repeating history.

“I think she’s heading for a tricky situation because I actually think very little has changed in the last eight years in terms of the power of courtiers,” she said.

The royal author added that Markle should also stop living like an A-list Hollywood star despite her previous background as an actress.

“What I discovered in my research for my book on Wallis Simpson and Princess Diana is that one goal of the monarchy, the ultimate goal, is survival. And for that the spotlight has to be on the heir apparent,” she said.

Pasternak commented on how the late Princess of Wales brought her own style to the monarchy, thus eventually being known as the People’s Princess. For the royal author, this was not appropriate and would not have also lasted long-term.

The royal author also believes that Prince Harry’s wife should understand that she cannot be an international star on a global stage, which is the monarchy. For Pasternak, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince William, and Kate Middleton are the real stars of the monarchy because they are the ones that ensure the continuity of the monarchy.

Markle and Princess Diana have also been compared in a number of different ways. Other than their similar taste in fashion, the two female royals are also passionate when it comes to the charities and causes that are close to their hearts. 

However, an analysis of Markle's feet also revealed that she is quite different from her late mother-in-law. Solestry expert Jane Sheehan said that Markle and Kate Middleton's feet suggest that they are both leaders. Princess Diana's feet, on the other hand, showed that she would have preferred to have spent most of her time with people she's known for years. ​