• Meghan Markle lent her voice for Disney Plus' documentary "The Elephant"
  • "The Elephant" will premiere on April 3 on Disney Plus
  • Meghan Markle recorded the narration for "The Elephant" last year

Meghan Markle received a slew of mixed reactions after it was confirmed that she lent her voice to Disney Plus’ upcoming movie “The Elephants.”

The project, which is close to Prince Harry’s heart because of his involvement with elephant-related causes, will premiere on April 3. After Disney announced the Duchess of Sussex’s involvement in the documentary, royal commentator Omid Scobie shared more shocking details about it.

On his Twitter account, Scobie said that the “Suits” alum actually lent her voice for “The Elephant” seven months ago. This means that Markle was still an official member of the royal family when she took part in the project. It is important to note that Prince Harry’s wife didn’t receive a single cent from her latest gig.

“Meghan recorded her narration in London last fall and was made aware of the project via mutual friends of the filmmakers. (@ElesWoutBorders founder Mike Chase) she met in Botswana in 2016,” Scobie tweeted.

Shortly after, royal fans also shared their thoughts about Markle narrating “The Elephant” after recalling that Prince Harry previously told Disney CEO Bob Iger in July that his wife is open to doing voiceover work.

“Wtf, why is ‘The Elephant’ movie narrated by Meghan Markle?” Twitter user @dmoney6288 said.

“#Royals find this funny coz I bet in royal circles she does come up and referred to as ‘we should address the elephant in the room,’” Twitter user @migealdude2 said.

“It’s time we addressed the elephant in the room. Meghan Markle caused coronavirus. We all know it,” Twitter user @dorbs84 said.

“She’s doing it for free and the fee she would normally ask is going directly to the elephant charity in the documentary. Between public speaking, a production company, and possibly a book deal (not a tell-all), the Sussex family is going to do very well for themselves,” Twitter user @SurprisedWhy said.

“So, the strong, independent, talented feminist needed her royal husband to land her this voiceover deal. I am so impressed. Hope she has thanked her husband,” Twitter user @things_royal said.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Britain's Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are pictured. POOL/TOBY MELVILLE