While they are still in the honeymoon stage when it comes to their marriage, that doesn't mean that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have already produced a future heir—despite a number of reports which have aimed to claim the Duchess of Sussex is already pregnant.

Since the royal couple tied the knot on May 19, several tabloids have made an attempt to claim the pair are already expecting a child together, with several outlets trying to pass off claims that they are expecting two babies. However, none of the reports have been true, according to Gossip Cop.

One of the earliest reports that Markle was expecting was one of the first to try and claim she and Prince Harry were going to be the parents of twins. Just a week and a half after the couple's wedding, National Enquirer blasted news the two were expecting a set of twins on their cover, and that Markle had been visiting doctors for secret Fertility treatments for months prior to the wedding.

A mere week later, Life and Style ran a similar story claiming the Duchess was expecting twins, this time insisting that the royal couple were expecting a little boy and a little girl together. That story also falsely claimed that Prince Harry planned to name the alleged baby girl-to-be after his late mother, Princess Diana.

The twins story then ran two additional times, with an OK! story claiming earlier this month that the news had been confirmed by the palace, while Woman's Day asserted that Markle's father, Thomas Markle, was the one to confirm the news. Al of the reports were confirmed to be falsehoods by Gossip Cop.

However, the pregnancy rumors have not stopped there, with OK! Australia trying to claim that Markle was pregnant with one baby but was keeping it under wraps to confuse the public in regards to the date of conception, which it claims was before the pair were husband and wife. Now, New Day also jumped into the mix, insinuating recently that there would soon be a new royal princess because Markle was expecting to have a little girl.

In addition to these reports all being proven false, Gossip Cop also previously debunked a National Enquirer story that claimed Markle was pregnant and refusing to go to the countries at the end of her Fall tour with Prince Harry, where Zika Virus remains as a threat.

That report, which claimed Markle told Prince Harry they would cancel the trip if Zika was a threat, insisted that it had led to a massive fight between the newlyweds, with Harry allegedly dramatically ripping off his wedding ring and storming out of the room with a declaration that he "didn't know why he married" Markle.

Once again, that report was false.