“The Queen” star Helen Mirren recently revealed that she has not been invited to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding.

During her interview with Ellen DeGeneres on the “Ellen Show,” Mirren, who played the role of Queen Elizabeth II in the 2006 movie, said that she won’t be going to the May 19 nuptials.

“I don’t know them exactly. I was at an awards thing or something, and William was presenting and he knew that I was in the room and he said, ‘I’ve got to be really, really good because my granny is in the house. So, he kind of knew who I was,” Mirren said.

The actress also had the chance to meet Queen Elizabeth II before alongside Prince William and Prince Harry. But their encounter wouldn’t most likely warrant an invitation to Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding.

“I’ve met Harry. I’ve met the queen, briefly. And I’ve met Prince Harry and William. They’re both unbelievably charming, very straightforward, very charming, and a great credit to their father, Prince Charles,” she said.

Markle and Prince Harry will tie the knot at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle on May 19. The couple’s royal wedding guest list hasn’t been finalized yet so it’s still possible that Markle and Prince Harry will invite Mirren to their nuptials.

Meanwhile, Mirren was also asked to comment on “The Crown,” which also centers on the life of Queen Elizabeth II as portrayed by Claire Foy. “I think it’s incredibly accurate. I think Claire Foy was brilliant. And I sent an email congratulating her,” she revealed.

Foy will no longer be returning to the third season of “The Crown,” but Mirren said that she won’t play the role of the queen in the Netflix series.

“I wouldn’t do that. No, because it’s wonderful that I did it, it was wonderful that it was a success. I wanted to kind of get away from that. I like to move forward, not backward,” she said.

But fans of Mirren will be delighted to know that the actress will be playing the role of Catherine the Great in the four-part television drama on HBO. “We're starting to put pieces in place,” she said (via the Daily Mail).