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Meghan Markle is facing another round of backlash after releasing a new video for Smart Works on the same day as Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding anniversary.

The Duchess of Sussex released a new video on Wednesday (April 29) in which she can be seen giving tips to young women on how they should prepare for a job interview. However, many questioned the timing of the clip.

According to Hello! Magazine, the Zoom call actually happened on March 27. And so many netizens were irked because she dropped it on the same day the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary.

Royal fans on Twitter felt that Prince Harry’s wife was attempting to steal the limelight from the Cambridges.

“Oh come on! She filmed this in MARCH & released it on the Cambridge’s Wedding anniversary!? It’s beyond predictable and I’m not even annoyed as it’s so obvious and pathetic at this point. Behaving like a petulant child,” one commented.

“Totally predictable. This passive-aggression of #MeghanMarkle ‘s part only diminishes their cause. Sad bitterness... Hatred does more damage to the object in which it’s stored, than to that o which it’s poured. #TheCambridges,” another added.

"What an insecure, jealous narc, that Meghan Markle is. Now off to congratulate Prince William and his beautiful wife, Kate!" Elizabeth G added.

“Seriously....she’s so predictable. It’s beyond petty at this point. This is mental illness. She needs help,” another online user stated.

On the other hand, Markle’s fans took no notice of the criticisms thrown at her. Instead, they focused on praising her for looking young and fresh in the video. They also acknowledged Markle’s intelligence.

“So gorgeous Meghan is, and the young girl looked really happy speaking to her. Good for them,” one fan wrote.

“Beautiful and smart Princess! Great job as usual!” another added.

“Well done Meghan,” @KingHarryMeg opined.