Meghan Markle
Sarah Ferguson and Meghan Markle are polar opposites according to a body language expert. Pictured: Markle visits Catalyst Inc, Northern Ireland’s next generation science park, to meet young entrepreneurs and innovators on March 23, 2018 in Belfast, Nothern Ireland. Getty Images/Chris Jackson

Meghan Markle and Sarah Ferguson may share some similarities, but they may actually have more differences, says one body language expert.

An insider previously claimed that the future royal and the Duchess of York are similar to each other. However, Judi James, a body language expert, believes otherwise. "While these two women share several obvious similarities I believe their intrinsic personalities and behavioural DNA makes them polar opposites in certain powerful and telling ways," James said (via Express).

According to the expert, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton were both "careful [choices] of bride." Unlike them, however, Markle and Ferguson were "picked by their husband as less formal, traditional women who each brought their own unique vibrancy to the royal stock."

James added that the "Suits" actress and Ferguson are both children of broken marriages and have a refreshing energy force, but they have different sources of this.

"Sarah's high-octane delivery showed all the signs of being prompted by a desire to make her rather pompous-looking prince laugh," James explained.

"The first 'tells' we get of her deeper personality and sense of self-worth is when she starts to roll her eyes," she continued. "She uses this very powerful gesture against herself, to duck interest in herself and any hint of a compliment."

However, Ferguson may apparently not be as confident as Markle. "Sarah is lacking self-confidence and even self-esteem, especially when it comes to her looks," James added.

"[Meghan] is famous as a Hollywood beauty and her body language signals suggest she is confident in her looks. To flirt she turns and faces her prince with close-up eye contact in a way that suggests healthily high levels of self-esteem," James said about Prince Harry's bride-to-be. "Her smile is pitch-perfect with no desire to contort her features in the way that Sarah did."

There is no doubt that Markle has charming facial features. In fact, she was named as the most attractive female royal. She scored higher than Kate Middleton based on the golden ration.

In addition, many wanted to get a surgery just to have Markle's lips and nose. One surgeon even said that Markle may have ended Kylie Jenner's lip trend.

"Jenner's lip trend is officially over, thanks to Ms. Markle," Nick Milojevic, owner and clinical director of Milo Clinic, said. "Meghan has fantastic lips, they are natural yet full. 2018 will definitely see a more natural lip that aligns with the other features of the face and not over dominate the face."

"Patients started coming to see me about six months ago requesting Meghan Markle's nose," Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg said about the nose job requests he received.