Meghan Markle spent more for her wardrobe last year than Kate Middleton did.

The Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex are among the most popular royals in terms of fashion. Middleton and Markle’s outfits are often compared, but the latter spent more for her ensembles last year.

According to Emily Hodgkin, a journalist for Express, UFO No More estimated the cost of royal wardrobes in 2018, and the pregnant royal topped the list with $517,000 worth of new clothing. This is almost six times more than her sister-in-law Kate apparently spent.

Middleton's expenses for new clothing in the previous year was only $87,000. The royal mom of three only spent 16.8 percent of what Markle did last year.

Markle’s higher wardrobe expenses could be due to her taking more royal engagements than Middleton. Prince Harry and Markle had their Commonwealth tour in October where they visited Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga.

During their tour, Markle donned various outfits. She usually supports local designers by wearing their creations.

Meanwhile, Middleton took six-month maternity leave. The Duchess of Cambridge had her last royal duty in April, weeks before she delivered Prince Louis. Prince William’s wife didn’t return to her royal duties until October.

Middleton was out of the spotlight during her leave, so she didn’t have to wear a new outfit. She was present during Prince Harry and Markle’s royal wedding, but the duchess didn’t buy a new dress for the occasion. Instead, Middleton opted to rewear her off-white bespoke Alexander McQueen coat dress. She was first seen wearing it during Princess Charlotte’s christening.

Middleton usually recycles an outfit when attending weddings to avoid upstaging the bride. She used the same technique when she attended Sophie Carter and Robert Snuggs' wedding in September at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Norfolk. The Duchess of Cambridge opted to recycle her blue Catherine Walker dress to match the wedding theme.

Markle usually spends more than Middleton when it comes to wardrobe. According to Sarah Rainey, Markle’s outfits for two months, including those she wore in Dublin that cost $37,043, were more expensive than the total amount Middleton spent for her outfit in 2017.