Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle is trying to emulate Princess Diana, but since Kate Middleton is part of the royal family they are positioned against each other. Pictured: Markle visits the Hubb Community Kitchen to see how funds raised by the 'Together: Our Community' Cookbook are making a difference at Al Manaar, North Kensington on Nov. 21, 2018 in London. Getty Images/Jack Taylor

Meghan Markle is trying to be Princess Diana.

During a recent apperance on "Good Morning Britain," royal biographer Tom Bower said Prince Harry’s wife is exerting effort to emulate his mom. However, the royal expert believes that doing so was misguided.

“The problem is in my view that she is trying to be Diana, she’s trying to adopt the new role, and the tragedy of the story is it’ll end in the same way unless someone steps in from the Palace and says ‘look this is the way it’s done here,’” Bower explained.

TV presenter Piers Morgan recognized Kate Middleton’s position in the Firm. For him, the Duchess of Cambridge is more fit to fill one of the top spots in the monarchy.

“The problem is you’ve got Kate Middleton - it’s very interesting, people are trying to position them against each other and I’ve no idea if that’s true or not - however, Kate Middleton is very Home Counties, safe, reliable, not put a foot wrong, almost kind of groomed over a period of years for the role when she was going out with William," Morgan said.

“And you feel like it’s much easier for everybody to have that kind of person to fill one of the top spots,” he added. “Meghan Markle - completely different background, come from Hollywood, TV star, comes in, sweeps Harry off his feet and probably finds already the Palace system…very suffocating.”

According to royal reporter Ashley Pearson, there’s something about Middleton that Queen Elizabeth II, herself, is “very fond” of. This is reportedly the Duchess of Cambridge’s “middle-class values.” In addition, Her Majesty “likes that she’s close to her family.”

“Kate has never tried to garner extra attention for herself. There's nothing flashy or showy,” Pearson added.

Aside from this, the monarch also observed how Prince William’s wife "tows the company line all the time." This is something that Queen Elizabeth II wanted from Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson. However, both disappointed her.

Meanwhile, royal correspondent Camilla Tominey thinks that there’s something Markle has that Middleton lacks to be queen. She suggested that Middleton should speak more even though she’s afraid of speaking in public. “Meghan’s put herself out there and I've been arguing this about Kate,” Tominey said.