Meghan Markle has already started her Duchess training after the royal wedding.

The Duchess of Sussex will learn the necessary skills her new title requires from the best. According to Vanity Fair, Markle will train as a duchess under the guidance of Queen Elizabeth II's trusted staff Samantha Cohen. Meanwhile, her improved fashion was attributed to Middleton and her stylist, Natasha Archer, Vanity Fair reported.

On Tuesday, the former "Suits" actress made her debut as an official royal. Many noticed that Markle has changed. There was no more messy bun. In addition, she wore nude stockings and a dress which were very royal but not her style.

Markle dressed like Middleton. In fact, her dress was reminiscent of the Duchess of Cambridge when she first attended the Garden party in 2012. According to the publication, the similarities between the two duchesses were not a coincidence.

"Kate has been on hand to help Meghan get that polished royal look as has her stylist, Natasha Archer, who is Kate’s secret weapon in the style department," the source said to Vanity Fair. "Meghan now needs to find her own stylist so that she can curate her own look, but both Kate and Natasha have been very kind in helping her out in recent months."

When it comes to how Markle handles the royal protocol and address the people around her, the Queen's former assistant private secretary will be her adviser, People reported.

Cohen already tendered her resignation as assistant private secretary to Queen Elizabeth II after Lord Geidt left late last year. But she was persuaded to stay until the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in April.

When Ed Lane Fox resigned from Prince Harry's household, Cohen was selected as his successor as an "interim" private secretary. According to a source, she's a strategic and wise voice in the background.

"She [Cohen] is a brilliant choice and has been helping Meghan adjust to the new surroundings," the insider said.

A number believe that Cohen might stay longer than the "interim" outlined by Kensington Palace. Aside from Cohen, Amy Pickerill will be there for Markle to help her run her office and handle her official duties.